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Zowie EC2-A Review (Amazing FPS Gaming Mouse) – Website cung cấp các thông tin về công nghệ mới nhất.



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Zowie EC2-A Review (Amazing FPS Gaming Mouse)
Zowie EC2-A Review (Amazing FPS Gaming Mouse)

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Think I found my new favourite FPS mouse! My aim has improved considerably, and others have said they’ve improved with it too. Watch the reviews though and ….

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Zowie EC2-A Review (Amazing FPS Gaming Mouse).


46 thoughts on “Zowie EC2-A Review (Amazing FPS Gaming Mouse) – Web cung cấp những thông tin về công nghệ mới nhất

  1. 419chris419 says:

    This mouse is shit. Only lasts 2.5 years. Very very cheap material for the amount you are paying. You can buy two cheaper mice for that price.

  2. Gandek says:

    I just went back to this mouse which is 5 years old but still going strong. Used a O Minus but just could never get used to it and feel comfortable. Claw grip and 18.5/9

  3. Rellek says:

    I love this mouse and used it for 1 year before the side buttons did indeed start to break and stick in sometimes. Would still highly recommend, as I tend to abuse mice with my grip and break them quickly.

  4. Shape Shifter says:

    I can't decide between this and Rival 310. The problem is that I have to buy it online. there are no nearby shops that sell any gaming mice, so I can't test them. I'll probably pick rival, cause I've been using rival 300 for about 5 years. Still maybe this one is better….

  5. Brandon St. Randy says:

    If you're considering buying this mouse, please don't hesitate. I did not realize I needed it until i held it in my hand, and I will never go back.

  6. SOUPP says:

    i liked the razer deathadder, right now i have a g203 but the sides are sort of awkward to hold (ive gotten used to it and adjusted)
    the deathadder was a little too big though, would this be a good choice? (sort of worried about the side buttons though i use them for voice chat)
    edit: btw i use claw grip around 18.5x 9.5 hand size

  7. Aspix says:

    I bought this mouse a year ago. It has an issue where the sensor stops working for a second but once a day. i think thats my problem. But the shape is amazing and i claw it. i love using this mouse.

  8. kaypol says:

    Ive had my rival 300 for almost 3 years now, and ive finally purchased Zowie EC2-A. Looking forward to it, especially since i play CSGO

  9. zappke says:

    zowie dont need flair 🙂 they are not for the looks. this mouse is for esport and high level gaming, the reason they are not having the dpi on top of the mouse is because u should never EVER change ur dpi, atleast in midgame

  10. Shadowside says:

    Another nice review! Regarding the feet, a pure speculative guess, i wouldn't be surprised if the material has a wax on it post production which takes a little time to wear off.

  11. Luck Adversa says:

    i have it snd i find it very tiring to play with for some reason. Maybe the left click is a bit harder than mice like deathadder or logitech

  12. Tiago Fontes says:

    be aware and try it before buying this mouse, most pro players use not because is very good but mainly because it's designed for tournaments with no required drivers to work flawless and sponsorships and since they used to it they keep using it just as i did for some years but aside from good sensor and classic shape the rest is just pure garbage. Most people will say it's very good cause they comitted 60bucks on a sensor, but the reality is that plastic quality is horrible, mouse wheel is the shitiest you will be able to buy and the horrible color led dpi indicator is just ugly.

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