Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #91: Tesla Model 3, Chrysler Pacifica – Kiến thức của oto Chrysler

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Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #91: Tesla Model 3, Chrysler Pacifica | Tổng hợp Tin tức của Xe oto Chrysler.



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 Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #91: Tesla Model 3, Chrysler Pacifica
Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #91: Tesla Model 3, Chrysler Pacifica

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Tesla đã công bố Model 3 của mình, nhưng vẫn còn rất nhiều câu hỏi chưa được giải đáp về chiếc xe. Chrysler tạo ra một chiếc xe tải nhỏ Pacifica hấp dẫn. Và chúng tôi trả lời câu hỏi của bạn. Kiểm tra các đánh giá, mẹo và đề xuất mới nhất và đăng ký Kênh YouTube của chúng tôi: Theo dõi chúng tôi trên mạng xã hội: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Vine: Periscope: Google+ :..

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34 thoughts on “Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #91: Tesla Model 3, Chrysler Pacifica – Kiến thức của oto Chrysler

  1. crumdoggy says:

    I wish I could trust Chrysler to build a reliable vehicle.  CR's survey has very high satisfaction levels but can they build a reliable car?  I wish CR would put the sample size in the consumer reliability survey.  I will be looking closely at the CR customer satisfactions levels next spring to see how consumer satisfaction is holding up but if the sample size is two dozen vice 200 (as you probably get for bigger selling vehicles like the Camry) it has more impact.

  2. Christopher Brown says:

    I'll speak for myself but I would rather drive a Chevy Bolt than a Tesla Model 3. I can get it sooner and it will be more reliable and simpler to use.

  3. sennlich says:

    fuck the old tech now !! sorry for my english im german
    fuck vw , the dont want to sell their e cars its only for green polish
    they want to sell their shit diesels !!
    i know what im talking about
    im working at vw 😉

  4. Jonathan Bishop says:

    lol at their "reliability" comments; everyone knows the reliability ratings are Consumer Reports' favorite way to try to validate their own bias against anything American (or really anything not Japanese). Half the time they make up statistics based on previous generations of cars or give different ratings to the same car with different badges. Or they'll say that a Japanese car is "excellent" in some way, and then an American car that gets the same exact score or higher in that category is "lackluster" or "disappointing". The people who have actual interest in or knowledge about cars never use Consumer Reports when they're looking for a new car.

  5. brorowcarwiz says:

    It's funny that you mention that you love Mercedes' new C class but that it has "terrible" reliability, then follow up that you hate the Lexus IS but it is very reliable- with your money, do you not want your car to be reliable? No car is perfect. Granted there is bias on my behalf as I am an IS owner. I also don't buy your "everyone buys an AWD IS" mantra– check dealer lots and sales figures, RWD greatly outshines nationwide. I chose the IS because it was the most well-rounded package for the money.

  6. Dee T says:

    the Japanese makes the best minivans period, and I'm not talking about the bullshit they offer in America but the one's in Japan, it makes you actually wanna drive a minivan without any real reason to.

  7. Alex Neihaus says:

    PUHLEEZE do something about your audio levels, like compressing audio to a consistent level. You guys aren't broadcasters, so levels go from mumble to shouting. That means constant volume adjustments. I'm not asking for network production values…just an awareness that you need to speak clearly and into the microphone. While the "just guys talking" vibe is cool, there really is an audience listening. Talk to us.

  8. Jeff Hirata says:

    Thanks for your talking cars episodes. Keep them coming. Any chance you could test the mpg on the aluminum F150 with the 5.0 L V8? On you have mpg on the 2.7 L and the 3.5 L ecoboost, but not the 5.0 L. Your mpg numbers correspond to almost exactly what I get in real life driving, so they are very useful to me. Thanks.

  9. armygentleman says:

    Wow these guys don't pull any punches on their cor opinions. Discussions about some of these cars was just brutal. No wonder there is so much controversy in the submitted questions segment.

  10. sudd says:

    remember that many of those who put down the depositum are not real buyers, predators trying to make profit on reselling the deposit, some want to resell the car.

  11. John Doe says:

    Hi! I've seen in numerous videos, your mention of the new C class's poor reliability. This holds true when looking at reviews for the year it was released. Does what your saying relate to the '15 or '16 model? And do you think it's issues have anything to do with their Alabama plant?

  12. DAVID BRYANT says:

    There are many more details of the Tesla Model 3 now available that were apparently not known to the CR reviewers when they made this video, such as photos of the trunk lid opening, details of door handles, comments about the main screen, headroom, etc., from people who took test drives. Also, Tesla did give some performance specs during the presentation.

  13. 10tenman10 says:

    I like the looks of the Pacifica. Hard to imagine that it will be nearly as reliable as the Japanese and Korean competition though.

  14. johnnyringo201 says:

    Hey guys, always enjoyed the show. Quick comment about the Tesla model 3, what if most of these preorders are from existing shareholders to pump up the stock. They just put a $1000 down which can be returned at no penalty and depending on the number of shares of course, you could have profited more with the recent stock performance. If I am correct you will eventually see the preorder numbers decline. This is certainly unusual for the auto industry in the recent past. What are your thoughts on this?

  15. CanadaCraig says:

    "When it comes to reliability Chrysler has not been good!"
    Is it just the 9-speed auto?
    OR is the engine blowing up?

  16. CMCNestT says:

    The biggest differentiator between Chevrolet and Tesla is the Tesla Supercharger Network. Public charging networks are sporadic,slow and unreliable.

    Chevrolet Bolt is a $20k subcompact hatchback with a $17.5k premium because it is electric while Model 3 is a luxury sport compact sedan that needs no incentives to be competitive with best in class. And I don't know that Chevrolet will be around for a while. They just went bankrupt in 2008 and there is no mood in Washington to bail them out next time. Brand equity/mystique is earned not assigned randomly.

  17. Dan Tu says:

    you guys should have mentioned that one of the tesla's biggest draw is the non-dealer pricing. i know i won't screwed, or at least be screwed the same amount as everyone else.

  18. Hakeem Kazak says:

    The Lexus IS discussion was slightly guys bashfully admit that the 350 F-Sport is the enthusiast choice but yet complain about the AWD non F-Sport version..? I agree that non F-Sport models will outsell the rest, but why AWD…? What enthusiast interested in a 3-series gets AWD? The different combinations of engine, tranny, suspension and ultimately price between all the models in the sports sedan segment becomes too muddled.. Everyone knows the 3-series is not the same driver's car it used to be as BMW is moving their models up to be more luxurious and refined which is kind of the exact opposite of what Lexus has been experiencing since the LFA. In short, virtually all the sedans in that segment have exceptional handling but I would contend that less than 1% of all the buyers in that class will really be able to explore and compare those limits in the real world…the two questions in that segment is what badge/aesthetics do you like the best and do you care about reliability (….and perhaps if you want a manual which is barely optioned for these days).

  19. Neil Capper says:

    How long will new cars last? Read a steel analyst who said the average age of a car on the road today is 12 years but that new cars won't last that long. Given the amount of plastic, light weighting and complex electronics I'm inclined to believe him.

    As the owner of a '97 Miata, '01 Legacy and '02 Durango I would like to update my fleet in the name of safety but worry about long term reliability.

    New? Or used? What is the sweet spot in terms of balancing safety and long term reliability?

  20. ssr1680 says:

    Which is better 16 Chevy Malibu premiere, 16 Kia optima sxl , 16 Mazda 6 , or 16 Nissan maxima SR? I'm looking for something fun to drive, fast and has room for 5 , price range anywhere from 31k – 38k

  21. ssr1680 says:

    Sergio marchionne has failed Chrysler/Dodge fiat brands, due to him neglecting from over seeing the products in there development stage, All of these cars/trucks should not all be at the bottom of the reliability charts as you guys and JD Power have listed, Sergio Marchionne should be embarrassed.

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