Should You Buy a BMW 5 Series? Test Drive & Review (F10 BMW 520d) – Tin tức về oto mới cập nhật

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Should You Buy a BMW 5 Series? Test Drive & Review (F10 BMW 520d) – Thông tin về xe oto cập nhật mới.



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Should You Buy a BMW 5 Series? Test Drive & Review (F10 BMW 520d)
Should You Buy a BMW 5 Series? Test Drive & Review (F10 BMW 520d)

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Thông tin liên quan đến chủ đề Should You Buy a BMW 5 Series? Test Drive & Review (F10 BMW 520d).

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44 thoughts on “Should You Buy a BMW 5 Series? Test Drive & Review (F10 BMW 520d) – Tin tức về oto mới cập nhật

  1. Christoph K says:

    Always get the 530d, BMW mechanic talking. 20d chains will fail eventually (you can delay a little by deactivating start/stop and avoid short rides and do regular oil changes), AGR/EGR will fail eventually but shitclog your intake manifold so decode that, on all f11 rear left air suspension bag will need replacement every ~100k km (but it's 'only' about 300€ .. see it as special 100k km service part)

  2. thepro08 says:

    this is my car, i love it, mine has a bit better equipment. still dont know how did i got so much car for my budget, i never tough i could get the pack m, and it was stage 2 tuned, so it punch way more and it even consumes less…. its perfect i just wish it was smaller and the place i live is a nightmare to park, other than that… its one of the best bmw ever made. all car you ever wanted…. i pass way more expensive cars on the road with ease and in more luxury.

  3. Jansz v says:

    Told my dad to get a 520d and he did a 2016 one and on the third day the steering wheel got stolen 🤦🏾‍♂️. When our neighbours have x5s with the same wheel, 4 series’s, 8 series’s, f10 m5, a couple of bentleys. Then it happened again in March and so did another f10 4 roads down. Bmw didn’t do the sensors properly on the f10s🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Richard Shiggins says:

    Williams will be rolling out the red carpet right to your front door next time ! I am always slightly 'iffy' about BMWs with regards to overall reliability and transmission in particular . I would possibly sacrifice driver involvement for a good after sales service and carefree motoring . PS : I am 65 !! I really enjoy your reviews though I would like a bit of sunshine from time to time .

  5. Steve MurphysLaw says:

    Generic styling , hate the line where the bonnet lid meets the front end ,

  6. Ian Price says:

    I had F11 535d what an amazing car I looking to get another – however headlight unit cost me £2000 to replace when it went wrong.

  7. Mack Hilleard says:

    Better off with a W212 Benz. Seem to be significantly more durable and long lived, resale better too. These seem to eat timing chains and the 2.0 petrol likes valve stem seals.

  8. Serg Serg says:

    I got a 530D F10 Today
    Don't buy 520D it's just not worth it, the engine is louder than a six-cylinder but the power still good just not feeling refined.

  9. RoCkMyRaVe says:

    I'm picking up my first ever BMW tomorrow and this video has made me feel all the more excited and better about my decision to purchase, it's a 2015 520D Msport Plus ✌

  10. Colin C says:

    Thanks for making this, I expect to be in the market very shortly for a vehicle, I'm torn between a 5 series touring or an MPV, believe me, I have a use case for either, my mind was made up when I looked up the VRT and the new NOX tax because I live in Ireland that is now a thing, The NOX on a comparable MPV is around 4k euro + VRT, the 5 series is just 75 Euro + VRT and the annual tax is 100 euro cheaper at 280 Euro, I know i can purchase one here if I'm patient it's just nice to know I have the UK market to import from, keeps my options open. Thanks Again, good video.

  11. Bernie Coles says:

    Great review. I recently bought a fully loaded f11 530d and it does everything I could ask for in a car. It’s a great dog bus, makes overtaking slower traffic a breeze and handles well with its active dynamic suspension.

  12. Nils Hedstrom says:

    Great review! Looking at 520d from around 2010-2014, would you say all in all that they are reliable cars? Are they expensive to repair with their higher tech? Compared to a 3 series for example

  13. Simon H says:

    Nice car, but the 6 cylinder diesels are so much better than the already good 4 pots. Better power and torque, better refinement and hardly worse on fuel.

  14. EmployEe says:

    Hey, im thinking about buying a bmw f10 2011-13 520d. I know it have a n47 engine, but it seems like the timing chain is the only big problem, is this a problem that makes it not worth it, or is it mor on the older cars that are affected? Is the b47 a way better option?

  15. Stephen Hughes says:

    Your local garage sounds like ours … and the fitting cost is £500 – its a parcel shelf but its x2 f&cking' screws…. yes its only £500.00

  16. Catalin Barbut says:

    Here I am yet again. I’ve probably watched your video like 20 times so far. I’m still not sure whether to get or not. I’m afraid that I’ll end up visiting the garage too often. Is the timing chain or other big issues fixed after 2014 or 2015? Some say 2014 some 2015. Should I get a 2014 M Sport or a 2015/16 SE/Luxury ?
    I’ve been sleeping on it for months now but at least your video keeps sending me back to Autotrader.

    Also, is the suspension THAT bad on the M Sport ?

    Cheers mate!

  17. Simon B says:

    F10 is great. Had it chipped and the extra 50hp makes all the difference. Same experience with the dealer, they own all the bmw dealers in the area and are not skilled and a rip off. On a complaint on a repair they charged for and didn’t fix it BMW would not hear the complaint about the dealer. Simply they trust the dealer. But my fault was still there and the repair did nothing. And all because of a recall. So recalled, fault, paid to fix it and still not fixed. Same thing with all brands and dealers, find a non dealer specialist. They fixed it in a heart beat.

  18. Tobore says:

    “If you’re the kind of person who shouts at your children for leaving the kitchen lights on long after they’ve been in the room and left, then you’ll love the 520 diesel”. 😂🤣😂 You describe me in one sentence which is the reason why I own 2016 F10 520d M Sport LCI with only 24k miles 😉

  19. K. Bakker says:

    Completely agree with the reviewer; the F10/F11 is a near-ideal BMW and I must say that diesel BMWs have been excellent for many years, both in terms of comfort and performance

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