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SEAGATE Barracuda VS Barracuda | NEW VS OLD – Website chia sẻ các thông tin về công nghệ mới nhất.



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SEAGATE Barracuda VS Barracuda | NEW VS OLD
SEAGATE Barracuda VS Barracuda | NEW VS OLD

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Just a quick speed test comparing the Barracuda old model to the new model. Hope the Video its helpful All the Best RJ ….

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SEAGATE Barracuda VS Barracuda | NEW VS OLD.


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44 thoughts on “SEAGATE Barracuda VS Barracuda | NEW VS OLD – Nơi chia sẻ những kiến thức về công nghệ mới nhất

  1. Vladislav says:

    I have a computer with an Asrock motherboard with socket FM1 and a 320GB Barracuda hard drive and everything is fine, I'm still going to buy 1 terabyte of railway .He is already 9 years old computer, together with his railway

  2. Ken Snyder says:

    I can't let the secret die with me. Actually, it's no secret, Seagate makes the crappiest drives of all.
    And yes, I'm talking from experience. But if you don't believe me then search on line for
    'hard drive failure rate comparison chart' or something similar. Check the failure rate results from
    server farms. Don't believe best-buy user reviews. Toshiba, Hitachi and others are more reliable
    by orders of magnitude. If you don't value your data then go ahead buy Seagate.

  3. Team Snapchat says:

    Sir, plz help me to find out an external converter for 7200.10 of 2009 it's difficult to find internal to external converter for old hdd

  4. Beng_ says:

    The difference between these Seagate Barracuda drives and WD drives is that when they fail (and they both will at one point) the Seagate Barracuda drives usually take the data with them and a data recovery place cannot physically recover the data. Not only that but the older Seagate Barracuda drives are known to just suddenly fail without warning. Backup your data and you wont have this problem though!

  5. Mad Budgie says:

    im gonna say it. I use Western digital drives. And its a caviar black. 2tb and it is 6 years old and it did not drop with health on S.M.A.R.T and has not been used much. so i took it and gave it a life.

  6. lightning9 says:

    Had purchased a 500gb SATA unit made in Thailand..lousy thing started showing reallocation of sectors issue after around 2.5 months & then died. Lasted for 3 months..absolute waste..

  7. Milhooz K says:

    Those drives write speed will fall to almost 0 when writing more than the amount of cache they have. Try writing 1 TB of data on it, it took me 10 hours and there you will see the real difference between the new and the old models. Those are bad drives, better to go with the IronWolf series which are perfectly fine.

  8. MultiMediaMan says:

    there is a BIG error on this video. some images put "ST2000DM008" but the model used on the terramaster is ST2000DM006
    and THAT'S IT… an old barracuda should NEVER beat a new one since DM008. they are 7200rpm and 256mb cache

  9. Andreecko Entertainment says:

    I have seen no difference on dual slot USB 3.0 docking station (140MB/s, 40% free space). I use my 1TB M2 Nvme for the rest of my projects.

  10. Naman Gupta says:

    The Seagate harddisk fail rate is huge compared to Western digital. That's the reason they have reduced these speeds to decrease the fail rates.

  11. Zerviscos says:

    New Seagate uses SMR vs the old one that uses PMR. I hate it, I also hate that WD Blue 2TBs dropped down to 5400 RPM, apparently they found out it was cannibalizing WD Blacks.

  12. Manu says:

    my old seagate barracuda from 2011, being used as an OS drive until 2016, now as a storage drive because now I have an SSD, still at 99% health, I've got 3 WD HDD's fail on me now, just last last week, my purple died

  13. Lars Tomasson says:

    What is old and what is new? Your test is pretty much pointless if you do not communicate that basic information. can you post what is new and what is old?

  14. Andrew McKenley says:

    This test is factual. I own the Seagate 2TB SSHD, Seagate 2TB Bcuda Pro and their 6TB Bcuda Pro.
    The old SSHD is the fastest out of all of them for me

  15. Leo Zendo says:

    I got very weird results for 2dm164 vs 9yn164. The old is around 200m sequential read write and the new is 100M. Which is much much worse. But random 4k is around 2x better. Still I don't like the new. Also the new is insanely noisy.

  16. Ianas Andrei says:

    The new Seagate are fucking Trash bought one 2 years ago .. medium / day usage ~8h .. 64 bad sectors ….
    Bough a new one, installed it well … BAD sectors from the factory :)))))))))
    RMA it , bought a new one, starts shutting down ( idle randomly making windows crash ) testing it …. no errors … SMART is GOOD no warning 0 bad sectors … 0 errors…
    Restarting pc ….. black screen NO HDD boot found …. WHAT?

  17. Tyranitar says:

    In my case my seagate barracuda 7200.12 is slower compared to the newer 7200 rpm model.Still don't know why but it recently got slower after installing windows 10 on it.

  18. lee x says:

    any drive that has 256MB of cache is a SMR drive be aware using them in raid (the Barracuda compute line use a mesh of Small amount of NAND (unknown to me) a 100GB CMR zone and remaining space been SMR zone) the Gaming ones seem to have 8GB of NAND for read boosting

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