Renault Triber Owner Says – DON’T BUY – Kiến thức của chiếc xe Renault

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Renault Triber Owner Says – DON’T BUY – Tin tức của xe ô tô Renault mới cập nhật.



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 Renault Triber Owner Says - DON’T BUY
Renault Triber Owner Says – DON’T BUY

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42 thoughts on “Renault Triber Owner Says – DON’T BUY – Kiến thức của chiếc xe Renault

  1. Sike scyth says:

    He is saying swift is more safe than triber haha. Well let's give him an reality check. Maruti cars are rubish in terms of safety

  2. Sanjoy Singha Roy says:

    Bech de na saale, itna burai kar raha hay gari ka jaise koi tujhe jabardasti kharidne ke liye majboor kia. Agar saaley tu mil jaaye humko to tera review main karunga.

  3. Sanjoy Singha Roy says:

    I think he is a maruti suzuki employee and deliberately underrate triber to promote more safer car swift. 😂😂😂 Thumbs down.

  4. Subrata Mukherjee says:

    Isko toh heavy driver banna hey.. isme isko overtake karne me problem hota hey isliya isko swift chahiya.. yea admi lower gear me hamesha rev karta hey to koi bhi gari me engine noise aiga.. 8gari toh hey lekin gari chalana nahi sekha.

  5. Anand Prajapati says:

    Car chalani nhinaati h isko hamare pass hamari to hiway par 20+ deti h full lode par or city me 15-16 milta h or ac on me city me 13 or hiway par 16.5 sonthing

  6. Ishaan Revankar says:

    According to the owner, the Renault Triber's real name is Renault Killer or Renault Unsafe. Terrible reliability issues like automatic steering movement, starting issue yet aren't solved by Renault aren't acceptable. Forget the build quality of the Triber, even it's wheelbase is so short plus the large rear overhang make it unstable to drive. That's what the owner said. Engine is horrible and noise, build quality is rubbish, reliability sucks and not so good ergonomics then what's the use of spending lakhs of hard earned money on this shit killer. You get what you spend on a car using your hard earned money. When I saw the Triber for the first time, I found that this is not a seven seater at all. It's size is such that, forget 7 adults, I don't think mid size kids can easily sit in the 3rd row and when I saw it's dimensions and design, then only I realized that it is unsafe and dull to drive. The Renault Triber is nothing but horrendous and rubbish use and throw marketing product. Renault should be ashamed for making such cars and they say that they are catering for first time buyers. If they see these things then they will be disappointed. The owner is right. Renault should simply leave the Indian market rather than making marketing products. Earlier I liked Renault only because of the Duster but when they launched the Kwid and the Triber and they did not do any update to the Duster, I really hated Renault. The Ertiga is million times better than the Triber. Renault is a flop and a piece of shit. This is why you have been forcing people to avoid Renault cars. Great job Motoroctane for getting this review. Buyers should be aware of this or else they will be in a big trouble.

  7. Travel World says:

    Recently I traveled in this car I feel it's an awesome car for family ,it's a spacious car and as a passenger i felt very good I traveled in a automatic version

  8. Ralph Barros says:

    The main issue here is with the Renault Non_turbo 1 litre engine , its steering response is poor, which basically means that if u take a sharp turn it has to be done slowly because once the turn is done , the steering does not come back to the centre position, this makes it very dangerous and that alone is a huge safety concern. The Turbo variant of this engine does have a better steering response but that engine is not available with the Triber. I think he was better off with the Maruti Brezza having a 4 star NCAP rating.

  9. Sarthak Master says:

    I also own this car and it’s a good product, speed and acceleration has never been an issue, though you can’t expect very high speed as it is a family purpose car, I guess he has got a defective piece

  10. Pallab Banerjee says:

    Seems like he is not happy with renault service aur pura khunnas video mail nikal raha hain, I am using this car. Itna negative point toh sayed hi koi customer ne notice kiya hoga!

  11. Davood Ali says:

    If you don't like buy triber… Then buy audi car. In the compitator will never get the best places vehicle with low budget the Renault providing the best vehicle with best features

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