My BMW Z4 Failed Its MOT! – Tin tức về xe mới cập nhật

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My BMW Z4 Failed Its MOT! – Kiến thức về xe mới nhất.



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My BMW Z4 Failed Its MOT!
My BMW Z4 Failed Its MOT!

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My BMW Z4 Failed Its MOT!

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Hey Guys It’s Joel! 

So as you’ll see, it’s not the biggest of deals, but my BMW Z4 failed it’s MOT nonetheless!

Thank you all for watching 🙂


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môt bmw.

My BMW Z4 Failed Its MOT!.

#BMW #Failed #MOT.

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38 thoughts on “My BMW Z4 Failed Its MOT! – Tin tức về xe mới cập nhật

  1. therealzooch says:

    Backfiring, while sounding good to you, it is not a good thing. Five causes: 5 Causes of Backfires in Car 1. Running Rich. 2. Incorrect Engine Timing. 3. A Cracked Distributor Cap. 4. Carbon on Spark Plug Wires. 5. Damaged or Malfunctioning Air Gulp Valve. (Also poor quality fuel), which might also be a reason for the failure of exhaust certifications.

  2. Black Forest says:

    I had this problem, When you remove the black cover examine it for moisture, mine was leaking at the dip on top near the center that looks like a U, I removed the bulbs and used a hair dryer blowing into the holes the bulbs go in to. It takes about 10 minutes to dry it out, I reinstalled the bulbs, and put some silicone on the seal where the moisture was present on the black cover. Since then I have had no moisture. When driving water comes in over the top of the headlight and if you do not have a good seal moisture will get inside and cannot escape.

  3. Erik Alan says:

    I got a set of E85 headlights I can send you, if you want them. I upgraded mine to the aftermarket LED type. Was going to throw them away…

  4. David Bassou says:

    Please keep your recklessness to track days. I've watched a few of your videos and you're taking far too many risks. For all intents and purposes you're a dangerous and inconsiderate driver.
    Slow down before you kill someone.

  5. Szabolcs Csehák says:

    Hi mate, Mine z4 has suffering by similar issues, there is some condensation in the headlights, might not serious as in your case, but its so annoying… Fortunatelly my MOT will be in august, but before it comes I'll fix them with silicone sealant, I going to completely dry them out first and then apply silicone sealant on the edges and the rear door… DIY rulz!

  6. Nicola Ricca says:

    joel nothing major, mine had as well, once dry (leave the rear access door oper for a few sunny hrs) seale the edge of the rear panel with sealing foam strip, if u do it properly u get 100% result

  7. teinspringz says:

    Check your headlight harness for surface rust on the pins. I purchased a 3.0 e85 this year and it suffers from rust on the pins, the previous owner had same issues of bulbs blowing regularly. Clean the connectors if you can

  8. Warren Hewitt says:

    My Z4 had the same headlight issue. They are actually vented at the front, top and bottom of the lens. My issue turned out to be the back access panel seal, bought a new panel and seal from bmw (they come together) for fairly cheap (was a few years ago now but I have £25 in my head) and that was it. Perfect ever since.

  9. Mark Jennings says:

    The rubber seal wears out on the back cover. Get it off, dry it out with a hairdryer from the inside and check the condition of the seal. A new cover/seal is around £16 from BMW so cheap enough to not arse around with silicone that makes a mess if you ever need to get it off again

  10. Christopher Midgley says:

    Hi Joel great channel followed you since buying my Z4 back in March. As your talking about head lights have you any thoughts on putting Xenon bulbs in. Now that we have dark winter nights I have found the Z4 lights to be less than adequate.
    Would much appreciate an thoughts from you or your subscribers.

  11. Toms Garage says:

    If it helps my E85 has been the most unreliable car I have ever owned. ABS sensor keeps breaking (causing issues) and this cold weather has killed my battery :/
    Great video though Joel!

  12. GMS says:

    I solved this on mine (it was less than yours) by opening it in the back and holding a hairdryer on the bulb hole for a bit.

  13. Darren says:

    Take back cover off, wedge a hair drier inside leave it on so the water completely evaporates. Run silicone sealant around the back cover job done mine still good after four years!

  14. RubiksCube24 says:

    This'll be an easy fix – first get the headlight dry with heat gun/silica gel then check for cracks in the housing and seal them up with sealant. A bit of silicone (dielectric) grease on the back covers can help stop ingress of water too 🙂

  15. Mike Greenshields says:

    I had this problem after changing bulbs on a humid day. Take off the black cover, it’s really easy… just unclip the door on the wheel arch with a 2p. Pull down the silver metal holder. Pull off the black cover. Put two 25g silica pouch (get em off eBay) and duct tape them to the back of the black cover. Put it back on, and should be gone in 24-48 hours 🙂 …replace the pouches after a few days can help a bit more. Also I put Vaseline around the seal of the black cover to make it a bit more air tight as they were looking a bit old and crusty in places.

  16. Zennripperjedi says:

    This can be fixed I’ve done it before remove the rear cover blow hot air with a hair dryer into the light from the back takes a bit of time but you dry it out from the back as I said it takes time but dry it from the back .jack the car up remove the wheel axle stand remove wheel arch cover then the cover on the back of the light .when you take the cover of the back of the light you’ll see a gasket in there take this out and put back in the opposite way round before you refit it apply a small amount of grease to it .THE PROBLEM with your light is this seal letting water in very common on the z4 and an easy but time consuming don’t leave it like this long or you will damage the internal workings of the unit .regards Glenn

  17. juan pablo says:

    you can buy after market headlights for about 300quid on ebay or better still, drill the rear of the light so to allow the moisture to drain and evaporate.

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