21 thoughts on “Logo Design Basics by Graphic Designer – Kiến thức về phụ tùng xe hơi và xe máy cập nhật hôm nay

  1. Omar Salman says:

    Hey guys! If you're seeing this, This is my first time on Livestream and I'm doing my best to get used to speaking live . I don't sleep well today so I tired and nervous . I hope the next time will be better. Thanks again for all one Watched the livestream .

  2. Zoran Haler says:

    Is there someone who would do some kind of design for me _, nothing special, I have a few ideas! Design is about darts! Yeah, I know that this part is most painful…I would like it to be free of charge… it's like a help me out thing, I hope there is someone good in soul and would like to help?

  3. David Luhr says:

    Really excited that Omar checked for sufficient color contrast. Accessibility is often neglected in graphic and brand design. Great to see Omar's thinking behind approved color combinations to make sure the design is legible for more customers!

  4. Casual User says:

    No offense but for a YouTube channel that has videos dedicated to logo making. Your YouTube channel’s logo is trash. It is so complicated and took me about 2 mins just to figure it out.

  5. Ibrahim Umar Farouk says:

    You can also watch logo therapy with hadeel on redesigning Hilton hotel & resort ,you can learn more effective from her.

  6. Ibrahim Umar Farouk says:

    Interesting ,but I think you need to communicate more with Chris and make more effective next time.but great job!since is your first time ,is just my suggestion though.

  7. Mark M says:

    The change to the arrow guy was good, but I would lower the size of MVP so that the bottom of the text lines up with the bottom of the bow.

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