Is the Alfa Quadrifoglio Faster Than a Focus RS? – Tin tức về oto Alfa Romeoo Alfa Romeo}

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem Thông tin về xe ô tô Alfa Romeo đúng không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề jaguar xe vs alfa romeo giulia phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về nội dung này tại đây nhé.

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Is the Alfa Quadrifoglio Faster Than a Focus RS? | Tổng hợp thông tin về oto Alfa Romeo.



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 Is the Alfa Quadrifoglio Faster Than a Focus RS?
Is the Alfa Quadrifoglio Faster Than a Focus RS?

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46 thoughts on “Is the Alfa Quadrifoglio Faster Than a Focus RS? – Tin tức về oto Alfa Romeoo Alfa Romeo}

  1. TTGT2000 says:

    interesting review, i guess this track does not favor the Giulia's setup. Seems like a small and low speed track and grip from tires makes a lot of difference. Given differences of 0.3 – 0.5 sec you might wanna test these cars on exactly same tires. And truth being told on some tracks you might be faster with a kart topping at 120kmh 🙂

  2. PaxTV says:

    Dumbest video I've seen on the Alfa… How did I end up here lol… Oh and hey channel, these aren't "fan boys" that are unhappy with your "results"… These are actual car enthusiasts who see how stupid this video is… Who cares about this track or who's driving? We all know the times on officially recorded and well known tracks, and the alfa romeo is worlds faster around a track than a focus rs. This track is only different because it's short and darty and not well made… So yes awd will win.. In any actual race track setting, the alfa wins agaisnt the rs by many seconds…

  3. x j says:

    Highplans here Colorado I ran my qv on stock times with a rs on r6 tires. Rs was 2:5 and change the qv 2:3 and change

  4. Comfort Ubisi says:

    Wow this is just about the shitiest video I have ever seen😂. An X6M as fast as a Gulia??? You’re such a BMW fanboy that you’ll do anything to suck up to it😂😂

  5. P U 25 says:

    The problem here was the little Grey haired driver!! This car is awesome and beats all similar ones, such as M3, RS3 and AMG C63…Go Alfa!!

  6. Gilberto Sartorel says:

    probabilmente il percorso è troppo corto e tortuoso affinchè la QV si possa esprimere in tutto il suo potenziale. Misurazione fatta con un telefonino ad occhio, differenze di pochi centesimi è un attimo anche barare. Al Nurbugring, percorso più lungo, la differenza è stata abisssale. e poi che senso ha confrontare la focus rs conuna berlina?

  7. Fernando Fragoso says:

    On that track any super kart is faster than all the cars tested. Its a matter of proportion. More powerful with a shorter wheelbase would perform better on that road.
    Focus RS there also have an advantage because is 4WD.
    On a proper track that advantage fades away because its heavier in its class due to weight and has a greater power dissipation due to the type of drivetrain.
    Put those cars on a proper track and make a new test before saying that the numbers on Nürburgring arent from a reliable source.

    So far any source on a proper track is way more credible than testing cars on a track like this. Just saying!

  8. Aj Mah says:

    The Alfa romeo gulia quadrofoglio is with out a doubt the best affordable sports car I have a gulia quadrofoglio a maserati and Ferrari California T and I LOVE DRIVING THIS CAR I WOULD BE PERFECTLY FINE WITH JUST Having THIS CAR verryyyy good car and I love it… jeez these guys can’t drive they are so biased toward bmw. This car beats anything

  9. Edward Anderson says:

    If I Recall The BMW M3 CS (7 min 38-seconds is the **second** fastest sedan to lap the Nurburgring, falling SIX SECONDS behind the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio which set a time of 7 min 32-seconds.The Alfa with its handling and speed obtained the lap record for a saloon car. The Focus RS only managed an 8 min 06-second lap time

  10. Dino Pappous says:

    Paul….You've done the Giulia a dis service…common knowledge that it has set the fastest track time at Nurbrugring for a production 4 door sedan…the fact that you got it behind the Bloated BMW X 6 M is quite frankly LAUGHABLE…

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