I Just Found the Worst Luxury SUV to Buy – Tin tức về xe ô tô mới nhất

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I Just Found the Worst Luxury SUV to Buy – Thông tin về ô tô cập nhật hôm nay.



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I Just Found the Worst Luxury SUV to Buy
I Just Found the Worst Luxury SUV to Buy

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Thông tin liên quan đến chủ đề I Just Found the Worst Luxury SUV to Buy.

Tôi vừa tìm thấy chiếc SUV hạng sang tồi tệ nhất để mua, tự làm và đánh giá xe hơi Scotty Kilmer. Đánh giá Mercedes GLK 350. Chiếc SUV đáng tin cậy nhất để mua đã qua sử dụng. Những chiếc SUV không đáng tin cậy ….

Vậy là bạn đã xem xong bài viết chủ đề mercedes glk rồi nhé. Ngoài xem các bài viết Tin tức về oto mới nhất mà Sàn ô tô Việt Nam cung cấp thì bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều thông tin liên quan tin tức xe ô tô tại đây nhé: Sanotovietnam.

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40 thoughts on “I Just Found the Worst Luxury SUV to Buy – Tin tức về xe ô tô mới nhất

  1. Scotty Kilmer says:

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  2. Velvet Bear says:

    Thought Kilmer drives a Dodge? What would he know about reliable? Owned a GLK350 with 160k and minimal repair, one of the few reliable Euro cars that don’t fall apart or leak at 60k…

  3. MrCuckoobox says:

    This is tainted……..Yes, MB are expensive to buy and maintain, but "Scotty's Customer" bought this vehicle from a "Shady Used Car Lot"………The odometer mileage was rolled back almost 50k and it was not taken care of………So they really got screwed. Scotty only likes Toyotas and Lexis… This is not really a review of the MB GLK350, but what can happen if you buy vehicle from a "Shady Used Car Lot".

  4. Troy Duncan says:

    You are wrong on this one. I have a 2012 GLK 350. Never had a problem. Best riding, and driving vehicle I have ever owned. Gets 23 mpg on highway and combined mileage 17. Has great power. I am older than you, and probably know a little bit more about vehicles than you do.

  5. MotionInMotion1975 says:

    Hey Scotty! A C250 Blue Efficiency (2013) with 100K miles on it, bulletproof armored (ex embassy) for $15K is priced right? What about mileage? It is too high? Thanks man.

  6. Uzo Agbazue says:

    I have the 2010 & maintenance is definitely high but it’s about to turn into my weekend car because I hate all the other GL models. I can’t give in to buying a newer model. 140,000 mi. and still cruising

  7. Hesam0000 says:

    GLK350 is not one of the better MBs, buy GLK250 Bluetec diesel, 63 series are good but use toomuch fuel. Among cars all 500 and 55 and 550 models are great. The reason they're tougher on repairs is because many sensors manage the great ride ion them and they sometimes need to be changed.

  8. gregbez says:

    The reason the seat is cracking is because it is plastic, not leather. Mercedes calls this MBTEX. It used to be much better in the past and didn’t crack. See the W123 series for reference. But please don’t call it leather when it is not.

  9. Osarobo Osarenkhoe says:

    Why do you hate Mercedes-benz like this Scotty?
    I have this car, my wife uses the C class we have never regret having these cars.
    For you it is Toyota or no other car.

  10. Jaime Serrano says:

    2010 GLK 350 4MATIC.I bought it in 2012 with 3500 miles on it. I now have 180,000 miles. It really is a beast in the snow. About 20,000 miles ago I finally said I'm changing those Pirelli stock low profile tires. I had enough of the sidewall bubbles and cracked wheels. It was like every year I replaced all the tires and then I would go around replacing one at a time due to sidewall damage from potholes in NYC. Another problem is those air monitoring valves. I would replace 1 or 2 a year. During freezing weather they leak. At about 60,000 miles I had to change the ignition switch $900.00 and Intake manifold $900.00.I had to change the intake manifold again at 107,000 miles. Not sure why the manifold would fail. Seat belt $500.00.Driver seat tear like in your video $900.00.Oh and how could I almost forget the birds singing. Every winter the chirping starts. I have changed several belt pulleys through the years. Head Light bulbs do not last long and they are not easy to change. I absolutely loved the GLK so much I picked up a 2017 c300 also. With the GLK , I think I got my moneys worth.

  11. seth biltz says:

    You should not do anymore car videos.. All vehicles have issues at some point and after 8 years i would expect some minor issues which is all you have pointed out.

  12. gotosmell says:

    My daughter bought a 2010 GLK in 2012 and it has 160K on it. Nothing but basic maintenance. Her MPG is over 20. Not sure your generalizations are fair. My son has a 2007 E350 with 240K on it. No major issues. The 350 is a great engine. My ML 350 has 168K, no issues. Just regular maintenance which is key.

  13. youandi06 says:

    These Mercedes glks are actually very decent vehicles and pretty reliable if you maintain them. Scotty gives a bad rap to Mercedes sometimes, some of their vehicles aren't the greatest but that's with any vehicle. Some of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned were Mercedes. I had one that drove for 700,000kms!!! (483,000miles) and got rid of it only because it started having electrical problems. I managed to sell it for a decent price because the motor was still going hard!!!! Wasn't showing any signs of dying! At 700,000km!!!! So I do love Mercedes-Benz. That company has been good to me so far

  14. AKEF BADR says:

    European mercs specialy diesel ones are a main battle tank year models 2007-2012 undistructable better then tyotas god damn it believe it.

  15. DJ ISA says:

    You have to realize that Mercedes makes cars for the American market in its own way and for the European market in its own way, in Europe there are them on every corner, because they are better than in America, the difference is big

  16. Isaac 84 says:

    Scotty is a great mechanic and teaches money saving skills. That being said, he’s also a bit biased and ONLY speaks highly of Toyota even when they get as many recalls as other manufacturers. Yes older Toyotas were pretty much bullet proof but from 2007, they’ve been as good or as bad as other economy brands(Honda, Mazda, Hyundai/KIA, Chevy, Ford).

    Older Toyotas are ugly and very basic so most people would rather pay more or the same for a similar or completely different brands since very few people are looking at a car as an investment to keep for 10-30 yrs like Scotty suggests and does. Maybe older retired folks who drive Lincolns. lol

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