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23 thoughts on “How to Delete a Credit Card or Bank Account from PayPal – Nơi cung cấp các thông tin về tài chính mới nhất

  1. Lance King says:

    That's how it should work, but that isn't working for me at this moment, paypal seems to think my clearly stated bank account is my paypal card, I'm attempting to remove this now BECAUSE my business paypal account is all in Chinese for the last 5 days and that is extremely disturbing, no one will assist me in this so I'm attempting damage control. Note this is not happening in my personal paypal account as of yet.

  2. Pema Yangkit says:

    I deleted my old account but forgot to remove my debit card. Now when I tried to link my debit card on new account. it says it's linked with another PayPal account. Can someone tell me how to remove my debit card from closed PayPal account? 🥺

  3. Tohkatana says:

    When I remove my credit card to my old account and I deactivate it.. I add my credit card to my newest acc and it said " this is linked to another account, try removing it and start again "

    How to fix this??

  4. lee says:

    I have an issue about my credit card and my PayPal account. I tried transferring some amount, but i did not able to receive any of it, yet i was charged on my credit card. Now, my card had been already removed from my PayPal account. But still, i have this anxiety that my card will still be consumed by my PayPal account😟😟😟

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