Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Remove and Replace – Kiến thức của xe Pontiac

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Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Remove and Replace – Tin tức về xe Pontiac mới cập nhật.



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Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Remove and Replace

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Loại bỏ và tuyên bố từ chối trách nhiệm về cảm biến nhiệt độ nước làm mát động cơ Saturn S-series: Video này không phải là hướng dẫn cụ thể về cách thực hiện. video này. Làm theo rủi ro của riêng bạn. ..

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50 thoughts on “Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Remove and Replace – Kiến thức của xe Pontiac

  1. Justin says:

    I have a 2003 Saturn L300, have a coolant leak below the V6 pump area from a sensor. It only seems to have one wire. So that's the guage sensor , not the actual temp sensor? Can't seem to find replacement part. What is it technically called?

  2. Thea H says:

    You've got the best video out here! Nobody showed EXACTLY where this is but you. The manual doesn't either. Thanks for your help, really appreciate you!

  3. Audry Canizal says:

    I've replaced the coolant reservoir and sensor the ect sensor the radiator the water pump and the coolant is fine I have no leaks the coolant light will not go off what else could it be

  4. daniel dove says:

    Hi thank you so much for your videos your my go to for my car repairs now! I do have one question since I have the 1993 sl2 should I buy 2 of the ECTS for my car?

  5. michi Mastropiero says:

    Thanks for the info. We have a 2009 Saturn Aura XE, for months it's been not turning on after riding a few minutes. Battery is new, when it cools down it starts. Might it be that temp sensor? Nobody knows where that is located; bought the part to try, but still don't know where it goes, help!

  6. Boston Boss says:

    Hi my 2001 v8 lincoln ls. Code reader says overheating but yet the needle is on normal. Car has no acceleration. Or power. Also fan turns on the second i turn car on. It says running hot in cylinder and throwing misfire codes. Cold this be what might be wrong. I have reserched alot. And it seams this may be the culprit? Anyone please help…

  7. Bûcheronix says:

    If someone has a brand new Saturn ECTS, please measure the electrical resistance between its two pins, using a ohmmeter, at room temperature. This could help a lot of people to determine if their sensor is good.
    I suspect the reading should be around 2500 ohms.

  8. Domenic DiSorbo says:

    Is this associated qith a P15 code? Yes just a 2 digit code. I found a site (https://www.troublecodes.net/saturn/) with a list of codes that indicates taht p15 is for Coolant sensor/low temperature and I changes that and still p15 code back.

    I'm wondering if its not a security issue. Car starts and stalls in seconds. The security light was on but I don't remembe rif it was blinking or solid and I thing the service light may have been out. We did notice that if we try to start with 10 15 minutes the car does start so I'm at a loss

    Any help to resolve is appreciated

  9. Christine Ames says:

    I really need your advice. I have a 1997 saturn and i snapped the tranny line, which I fixed.. I went to start it, but it just starts then dies. I checked the fuses/relays.and sensors. nothing! I tried the "forgot key" reprogramming steps.. Still nothing! What is wrong?

  10. Julian Gallego says:


  11. MissAmazanda says:

    Just a bit of advice to anyone just getting an older saturn s series car, go ahead and replace this cheap sensor because it WILL go bad on the car, its just a matter of time. Also know that it's common for the intake manifold gaskets to go bad and one note about that is during the assembly of these saturns at the plant the part of the gasket going over the no. 1 cylinder was put on cockeyed by the machines causing an issue with that no. 1 cylinder, but a new gasket will fix it.

  12. Betty Fletcher says:

    Years ago my son knew nothing about cars { late 90's} so he just bought a junk car and practiced replacing everything on it, he would tear things apart on it and put it all back together, I believe this is a great way to start learning about how to do car repair. He would pull the gas tank off and take the fuel pump off, then put it back together, starter off then put it back ect. He's not a mechanic technically but now 20 years later he's pretty good at fixing most things that go wrong and everyone is always trying to get ahold of him when there cars tear up.

  13. Josh H. YT says:

    My radiator fan will not turn on until temp is at 3/4! I'm pretty sure the gauge is correct because the engine runs very poorly once it hits about 1/2 and more. Also, before I installed the switch on the fan, I had a couple of hoses burst (coolant) so I'm positive that its running way above what its supposed to . Any suggestions? My car is a 96 SC2, manual
    EDIT: I meant to say that I have just been using my best judgement and I turn on my radiator fan with a switch once the temp reaches above 3/8

  14. Fred Zach says:

    I just replaced the ECTS on my 1999 Saturn SC1. A pretty simple task compared to other parts I have replaced. Getting the clip off the old part was the hardest part. Also had to borrow a 13mm deep socket from a neighbor. Otherwise this was a quick and relatively painless task. Finally a project that I didn't have to climb under the car or jack up the car to access the part. Thank you richpin for all your instructional videos. You make it look so easy.

  15. mattbailey151 says:

    Hey Richpin,
    Thank you so much for all your great videos, they have been a lifesaver. You made one that covers the issue of having to turn your key to the on position and wait while the fuel pump primes the system before starting the car. What is the actual problem that causes this condition and how can I fix it? I can't find the video but I've seen it in the past. Can you help me find it?

    Again, thank you very much,
    Matthew Bailey

  16. Hosea Robinson says:

    So what is it when you unplug your connector from your coolant temp sensor & your car cranks but when I connect it my car doesn't is it a bad coolant temp sensor because my temperature gauge isn't going up it's staying on cold

  17. hombreenojado says:

    Thanks again Rich! Last month it was the starter. This month it's the sensor. (Not enough explanation of what a PITA!!! that rear starter bolt was though. Lol. I had to have my friend with the "tiny hands" set the ratchet up for me. Kept getting my arms stuck.)

    But these really are informative and helpful. I'll probably have saved around $1k by the end of August.

  18. dani giabuca says:

    Wow Mr Richpin your videos are so instructional and so perfect! It literally took me about 30 to 40 min from prep to being back on the road and I am no mechanic. The money that I saved I can provide food for one week for my family and also get better mpg now. Thank you so much again Mr. Richpin and God bless you!!!

  19. Alberto Osorio says:

    Hi Rich, I want to thank you for your awesome videos. They've helped me with my girlfriend's vehicle in several situations now. My question is what is the normal operating temperature for a 98 SC1? Her temperature gauge is going up to just above 1/2 before the fan kicks on and then it comes back down but she remembers the temperature gauge usually sitting somewhere around 1/4 before we replaced the thermostat, ECTS and fan motor relay because it was overheating. Does this sound normal?

  20. juan Chalarca says:

    i change the cooling sensor but my car turn on but went i put it on drive it stops and turn off the two wires from the connectors came out and i plugged it on u think thats was causing the car to turn off ?

  21. Todd F. says:

    Problem with cooling fan not engaging when car heated up. Replaced temp sensor and BAM ! did the trick. Now cooling fan didn't engage till just about 3/4 on gauge , was a bit worried,  till it came on … lol . Thanks Rich !

  22. MD12134MD says:

    So as long as the engine is cold and I take off and replace the cap, I do not need to drain the coolant? Also, do you have a tutorial on replacing MAP sensor? I have a 2002 SL2

  23. Gypsy2057 says:

    Rich, I've used your videos several times in the past. I just want to say thanks for putting these out there. They have been very helpful. Oh course the down side is I'm still driving an old Saturn as repairs have been cheap when I do them myself so I can't justify a new car even though it'd be nice.

  24. AletheaisChilllin says:

    Thanks for posting video, it really helped me locating mine, I have a Saturn and I've been having issues with other areas besides sensor but I love my car and am avoiding trying to resort on getting another car. I have about 200 thousand miles on it but it runs good, my family keeps telling me to just get another car but I know it'll be fine once sensor is replaced

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