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Dell Precision 3640 Workstation Review
Dell Precision 3640 Workstation Review

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In our video review, we see the Dell Precision 3640 professional workstation. This utilizes the newest Intel Xeon W-1200 series of processors and GPUs such as the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 in an entry-level workstation configuration. We also discuss some of the Microsoft Windows licensing impacts and how, while Ryzen offerings are not plentiful in this segment, they are still having a big impact.

Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
1:01 Hardware Overview External
4:19 Hardware Overview Internal
11:31 Intel Xeon W-1290P performance
12:38 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 performance
14:06 AMD Ryzen discussion
16:32 Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for Workstations requirement
22:43 Closing

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Dell Precision 3640 Workstation Review.

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37 thoughts on “Dell Precision 3640 Workstation Review – Trang chia sẻ các kiến thức về công nghệ mới nhất

  1. Don Cosner says:

    Outstanding information! I recently purchased two Precision T5600 and a T3600 system and am very interested in what the more modern ones have to offer. For the most part I think Dell offers decent overall build quality. I like the higher end systems and have been finding them at very affordable prices!

  2. richardfrieman says:

    I use one of these with the i7 at my work, and it’s horrendous. The design of putting that power supply directly up against the CPU heat sink cuts off all breathing room. The i7 thermal throttles almost immediately, so I’m forced to leave the case open and the power supply unfolded.

  3. Philipp says:

    Hi Patrick! Great review. Thinking about getting one of these systems.
    Can you tell us something about the sound level while running?
    And what is the maximum GPU lenght you can use in that system?

  4. fordcontour says:

    Windows 10 for Workstations… I remember when our Dell rep came to us with that news. Back then, there was not even a different set of features; it was just, hey, you can afford a Xeon? Here's a mandatory OS SKU from Microsoft, just because. A lot of workstations got bought just before the deadline. Could never figure out how they check for that requirement afterward, I've seen plenty i5 laptops activate as Pro for Workstation for no good reason. I figured that, as long as they get their extra 100$, they don't care afterward

  5. MaynardCrow says:

    I have a old dell t3500 workstation. I put a w3680 Xeon 6 core in it. It has a unlocked multiplier and with a old version of Intel's tuning utility I can overclock it to 4ghz. It lacks avx support but its nice. I use it as my htpc with a rx470.

  6. Tim Ramich says:

    A lot of those features in the "workstation" version of windows doesn't even apply to workstations. More so to actual servers. They keep using the term "server grade" hardware all over their advertising for that. Workstations don't really ever use that much RAM. I wouldn't see anyone having the need to go beyond even 10 gbit. And how big is this NVDIMM-N technology?

  7. Tim Ramich says:

    The Quadro name was discontinued starting with the Ampere architecture. "Discontinued" doesn't mean they just all of a sudden stopped making the Turing line of Quadro RTXs, or even that they dropped the name from them. They had better have an enterprise product line coming with Ampere. Most professionals aren't going to risk instability and having to do renders or encodes twice by using "gaming" cards.

  8. Alexandru Maran says:

    I want to understand why they put ps/2 are they really that used to this day? Secondly why ps/2 no vga. I'd imagine most legacy applications/installation that require ps/2 would also need vga. I guess you could easily use an adapter

  9. A I says:

    Great review Patrick! This is the class of machines I’m interested in. I’d prefer Ryzen with more memory, more PCIe slots and RTX 3000 card. This system is underspecked for what I need, still interesting though.

  10. Ian Paylor says:

    The main reason for including a conventional PCI slot is largely for downstream systems that have very specific protocol tolerances as far as the manufacturer and model of the interface card. I would presume that these devices are passed through to a VM with a compatible operating system on board and the new Server chassis is more so therefore reliability purposes as to not have mission critical systems running on hardware that is old enough to have kids if it were a human.

    Oftentimes the issue is that you're logistically backing yourself into a corner as a company, but there are companies like bowling alleys that often set up control systems that are meant to stand for decades. I work in a bowling alley for a second job that has a large supply of Dell Optiplex GX era computers because the front control systems for most of the locations use that particular hardware and their recovery method is flashing a saved image with the software and such onto a hard drive and shipping it out when one happens to die. If I had any say in their way of doing things I wouldn't do some change but that is the way they work.

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