BUILDING MY E90 BMW IN 10 MINUTES – Thông tin về oto cập nhật mới

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BUILDING MY E90 BMW IN 10 MINUTES – Kiến thức về oto cập nhật hôm nay.



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This has been a journey and I’m thankful for everyone who has been along for the ride. Big thanks to my wife Katie, my parents, Bryan and everyone at Kies Motorsports, and everyone at FCP Euro!
VMR Wheels V801 (frozen bronze) 19×8.5 +35 front, 19×9.5 +35 rear
Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 235/35/19 front, 265/30/19 rear
E90 smoked tail lights
E90 LCI M Sport front bumper (choose “LCI” option)
E90 M Sport rear bumper
Carbon fiber lip spoiler
Gloss black kidney grill
LUX Angel eyes
H&R Sport Lowering Springs
Bilstein B8 shocks and struts
Genuine BMW M Sport shifter
TaoTronics 2K dash cam
Red start button
BimmerTech Alpha One Speakers
VividScreen + Backup cam
Apple TV

INSTAGRAM – @justinbuice

#BMW #E90

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47 thoughts on “BUILDING MY E90 BMW IN 10 MINUTES – Thông tin về oto cập nhật mới

  1. TheSocialprestige says:

    Hey Justin, I don't normally bother to comment on videos but I wanted to say that your videos helped me in my E90 purchase and I was able to find an absolute gem thanks to your advice.

  2. Hrm Anwar says:

    Beautiful story and video!! But I am NOT buying any BMW again even I get one free. Like many others I wanted to drive a BMW and after owing one for 12 years, I found that It is a piece of crap. I had to replace every parts and cost me 15K. It is a money pit.

  3. andree Paladines says:

    Dude its 2020 and i recently buyed my first E90, ill see all ur videos and only hope to enjoy the travel like you, Thanks man!

  4. Greatest Ever says:

    E90 without a doubt will fall in the BMW LEGENDS category everytime i wanna sell mine i change my mind once i drive it its a fuckin relationship

  5. Big Neo says:

    Hello, my car is E90 330i, as the owner of the same car, I really want to praise you, your car is so beautiful, I should learn from you!

  6. Spiridon Stathopoulos says:

    Hey Justin. QQ. Love your channel. I have a BMW 2018. When the system comes up and tells me that the brake pads need changing. Is it reliable and true. Because I don’t hear my brake pads causing issue at all. Just the véhicule status on my car displaying that message. Just want to make sure if I should change them. The dealership is so expensive.

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