BMW 428i Full Review (By Owner) – Thông tin về xe cộ cập nhật hôm nay

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BMW 428i Full Review (By Owner) – Kiến thức về xe cộ cập nhật hôm nay.



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BMW 428i Full Review (By Owner)
BMW 428i Full Review (By Owner)

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Thông tin liên quan đến chủ đề BMW 428i Full Review (By Owner).

Đánh giá đầy đủ về chiếc BMW 428i (F33) 2014 của tôi. Tôi đã sở hữu chiếc xe của mình được 2 năm nay và muốn chia sẻ những điều thích / không thích của tôi với bạn. THƯỞNG THỨC! Đừng quên like, share và subscribe, Thanks for watching! Instagram: @ metoy3r Tất cả các chế độ F33: Lưới lọc thận đen bóng- Mí sợi carbon- Nắp gương bằng sợi carbon- Tín hiệu quay tuần tự- Bọc đèn hậu có khói- Bọc VBar màu đỏ- Bọc sợi cacbon- Bộ phản xạ khói – Bộ xả kép Rev9 – Bộ khuếch tán sợi cacbon M – Giá đỡ điện thoại Rennline – Cánh lướt gió – Hốc hút gió lạnh: VRSF DP – Biểu tượng Vinyls- Nắp bàn đạp- Đèn bóng BMW – Nẹp trước BMW bên trái – Nẹp trước BMW bên phải – Sản phẩm khác: Áo giáp sáng bóng- Cần gạt nước – Cổng ô tô Vgate OBD- Gỡ bỏ Trim Bộ dụng cụ-..

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46 thoughts on “BMW 428i Full Review (By Owner) – Thông tin về xe cộ cập nhật hôm nay

  1. caglar hizarci says:

    congrats brother you made an excellent review, believe me better then pro sellers, and especially thanks for like/dislike parts, i m a little confused about bmw 428i , your experience helped me a lot, thanks again and again and again..

  2. 2 NONXHALANT says:

    I’m getting a 2016 I wanted to know where did you get the steering wheel from and did it come with the horn cover because mine is not a M sport package

  3. Pepster P says:

    Yeah about the outside sound, I have a 328 and I never noticed how silent it is in there until I was in my friend's car and I was like damn you can hear the tires on the road

  4. dze zonja says:

    That’s a really nice and wholesome presentation. I’m looking at the 428i to buy and this helped me a lot what I need to look for since the one I’m looking has everything yours has only it’s not a convertible. Wish me luck!
    Drive safely bro.

  5. Mthunzi Dube says:

    what do you do whenever someone wants to take you on thinking its a 435i and they have a car in the 435i class?
    Beautiful car by the way, but l dont like that screen, its too small and looks cheap for a car of this class

  6. c s says:

    F33 Owner also [2015 428i MSport with sports seats].

    Wanted a hard top convertible. I cross shopped Lexus IS convertible and the infiniti G60 convertible. Day to day living this kills the competition in regards to trunk space and rear passenger leg space so I got the BMW f33.

    Pro's- BEST in class trunk space with TOP DOWN compared to other hardtops (Lexus IS and Infiniti convertibles). I can fit 2 carry one luggage while the BMW hard top is folded in the trunk!
    -Best in class rear leg space compared to Lexus IS convertible and Infiniti G60 convertible. Good for quick 30min trips with adults around town or for small kids. I can sit behind myself comfortably for 30min trips.

    Other minor nit picks- No temp "sync" to keep both sides same temp. If you still play cd's no "repeat" or "shuffle". Brakes are not too good for this heavy car.

  7. C DL says:

    Great review! Had my 428i coupe for two years and I just love it. Sound is not as good as a 6 cyl of course, but it compensates with fuel economy. Agree with the annoying audio Bluetooth missing. How did you upgrade it? How much did it cost? I would also add it is quite annoying that the system is not compatible with android.

  8. HarlekinEO says:

    You definitively have an upgraded Sound system, if it is pumpin. I got plain stereo, which is just boxes in the front (nothing in the sides, just the ones above center consol). Its the first thing I have to upgrade.
    I wonder if the convertible has a different backseat area, but im over 6 feet tall and i have more space in the back, even though the front seat is adjusted to my size. And I have long legs!

  9. The AllMighty says:

    I would have to say that my 2015 428i Xdrive Gran Coupe is a little different but in all same overall. I just put 60k miles on my car and overall its a solid car. Thanks for your coverage of your car.

  10. Emma Phillips says:

    I have a regular 428i coupe that I've had for about three months now and oh my god the door slamming!! People riding with me always SLAM the door and it makes me cringe. You don't need to close it that hard, please don't do that!!
    Great channel and great content though, deff subscribing! Your production value is insane for being a small channel! It's great to see people appreciating this car cause I love mine. It's gorgeous and it's so fun to drive.

  11. F32_Koto says:

    Instead of painting the stock brake calipers, you should just save up and get the M-Performance brake upgrade. It's gonna cost some money obviously, but getting better brakes is never bad thing.

  12. Arin Lazurca says:

    Thanks man. Gonna buy the exact one, red interior, m package, 2.0 biturbo f33. One question tho: do you have an aux cord, if bluetooth wasnt stock for music

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