Best SUV in its class? 2018 Mercedes GLC 300 Review – Tin tức về xe cộ mới nhất

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem bài viết về chủ đề Best SUV in its class? 2018 Mercedes GLC 300 Review phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề glc 300 2018 đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về bài viết này tại đây nhé.

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Best SUV in its class? 2018 Mercedes GLC 300 Review – Kiến thức về ô tô mới cập nhật.



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Best SUV in its class? 2018 Mercedes GLC 300 Review

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Đánh giá Mercedes GLC 300 4Matic 2018 “Thích” trang Facebook: Twitter: Gửi cho tôi nội dung: PO BOX 13070 Pittsburgh, PA – 15243..

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44 thoughts on “Best SUV in its class? 2018 Mercedes GLC 300 Review – Tin tức về xe cộ mới nhất

  1. AutoVlog says:

    I will have some kind of update coming out on the AMG soon but I'm still waiting on the adjuster to call me, hope you guys enjoy this GLC 300 review in the mean time 😉

  2. Jen Lund says:

    Glad I came across this video. I am looking at a now-used 2018 GLC 300 SUV and doing some research. Your question "is it worth the extra $10k" is timely since the purchase price for the used car takes into consideration the depreciation making it worth it. Thanks for the review, my mind is made up!

  3. Da crazy Mom moments says:

    I am currently shopping for one of these coming out of a BMW 535IGT. Thank you for a very informative video. I have yet to go test drive 1 with everything going on but I am anxious to check it out. I hate the lag in the BMW twin turbos and are very curious about a 4-cylinder single turbo performance.
    And you are right I would never use the paddle shifters either! Not on a 4-cylinder LOL. My husband gets onto me cuz I don't drive my current car correctly hahaha! But I'm sure he will find it just as amusing with the 4-cylinder and will probably use it anyways… he loves the sports and the manual sports modes… likes to eat my gas up!
    Anyways if I end up buying one I'm going to do a review video comparing the BMW 535 GT to the downgrade?? into the GLC. I am not a fan of the X1 or X2 and I do not want a SUV SUV. I would buy an X4 GT but they only have two seat belts in the back.

  4. Casa Playa Encantada says:


  5. Chris DeWitt says:

    I have a GLC300 2017 and have a major complaint the phone interface is worst than may daughter 2010 kia soul +.
    Can't press the steering wheel phone button and get tell the phone to call someone, you have to use the stupid wheel on the center console to select a contact.
    So I have a iphone and use siri to make handsfree calls. So I'm always driving and saying hey siri call so and so.
    The display isn't touch controlled, it's just a dumb display. The Maserati 2017 I had came with apple play and touch screen it was freaking awesome.
    If you are a smart phone user don't but a mercedes they are 9 years behind or more in tech.

    As for the lights I agree the LED lights are one of the best I've used, not the stupid blue light hue teenagers put in there beaters, but a near white light.
    Really lights up the dark roads where I live, high beams have a very good throw.

    I just replaced the rear brakes 46K, pads cost $95 and sensor was $18. I haven't worked on this new of car but didn't want to give the dealer $695 for a brake job.
    Wow, I should have just paid to have it done, took me 5 hours. Granted I am not a car mechanic, but there was a steep learning curve.
    1. go slow if this is your first car with electric motor driven parking brakes.
    2. I had to trick the car into releasing the parking brake, (THIS IS DANGEROUS AND NOT SMART) if you do it may fall off jack / jack stands, breaking your car and possibly you or others. Started the car, shut drivers door, put into drive, left it in drive, opened the door got out and removed the parking brake wire harness, ran back to drivers door put into park and shut off car. (this was calculated risk on my part, I'm inpatient and didn't want to wait for someone to come over and help, I could can pay to have my garage and or car repaired)
    3. Then I though wow a simple procedure to just swap out pads, nope, had to remove motor to litttle bolts had to be backed out, remove motor.
    4. when motor is off rotate the stub clockwise (i think)
    4. b. remove 2 bolts holding on the caliper.
    5. then use a brake caliper compressing tool, don't use a c clamp may damage the inner workings. (never have seen or have a clue how the internals of this caliper work)
    6. now your in business change pads
    7 reverse order

    8 passenger side have to install sensor, there is a then wire latch that holds it in just use a small flat head screw driver to lift up a bit 2 mm to 4 mm and it will easily come out.

  6. Maureen Lee says:

    Thanks….very helpful. I'm in the market for a new (little bigger) MB…coming from the C300. Trying to figure out if I stay with MB or move into a new brand….

  7. Ivan Dobrichkov says:

    Got one as a loaner, feels cheap, especially the steering wheel like its made of nylon. 4 cylinder makes it sound like a toyota and halogen lights?? sounds and feels cheap

  8. Joel Johnson says:

    No standard LED headlamps, that is so lame. I am definitely going for the Volvo XC-60. The interior or exterior isn't inspiring at all. It is boring, just like his looks while doing this review.

  9. Joel Johnson says:

    If you think this SUV has the best interior, then you obviously haven't looked at the VOLVO XC-60. WAY better looking and much more luxurious. Also, the dash/instrument panel in this SUV, is so old school. Again the XC-60 blows it away. I don't give a rats azz if this SUV has the Benz badge on it. It doesn't come close to what you get in the XC-60.

  10. TheGermarican says:

    You really have no idea what you're talking about. They are lower standard than Toyota in Germany. Audi Q5 corners the market when it comes to affordable compact SUVs. Dude, stick to F150 Reviews, Like a good bro should.

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