Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 2.2d (ENG) – Test Drive and Review – Thông tin về Xe oto Alfa Romeoo Alfa Romeo}

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem Thông tin về xe ô tô Alfa Romeo phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề jaguar xe vs alfa romeo giulia phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về chủ đề này tại đây nhé.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 2.2d (ENG) – Test Drive and Review | Tổng hợp Tin tức về oto Alfa Romeo.



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 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 2.2d (ENG) - Test Drive and Review
Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 2.2d (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

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Alfa Romeo Giulia là chiếc xe cho người Đức thấy, những chiếc sedan sang trọng nên có hình dáng và cảm nhận như thế nào. Trong một trận đấu Super Bowl, Alfa Romeo nói lời tạm biệt với khả năng dự đoán. Thật vậy, sống với Giulia có một số điều không thể đoán trước được. Một số vì lý do đúng, và một số vì lý do ít đúng hơn. Trừ khi bạn là một nha sĩ, bạn sẽ thích vẻ ngoài. Giulia có rất nhiều đặc điểm tròn trịa. Bạn không thể nhầm nó với những đường nét sắc sảo của Đức hay những chiếc xế hộp kiểu Mỹ. Nhưng đồng thời các nhà thiết kế của Alfa Romeo đã không quá lạm dụng nó. Họ đã làm đủ để làm cho chiếc xe này nổi bật mà không cần phô trương. Chỉ đạo cũng đặc biệt. Nó có thể ở khía cạnh nhẹ, nhưng nó rất nhạy và chính xác. Hãy lái thử Alfa Romeo Giulia, và bất kỳ chiếc xe bán tải nào tương đương của Đức sẽ cảm thấy nhàm chán. Hãy giúp tôi đánh giá tốt hơn bằng cách quyên góp: Giá khởi điểm: 33 000 euro Theo thử nghiệm: ~ 50 000 euro Tôi đang mặc: Áo hoodie Polo Ralph Lauren: Áo thun không ren, tương tự: Quần jean Tommy Hilfiger: Giày thể thao New Balance, tương tự: Casio G- Đồng hồ chống sốc, tương tự: Thiết bị của tôi: Máy ảnh: Lens1 Lens2 Mic1 Mic2 Kính chắn gió GoPro1 GoPro2 Gimbal GoPro Chân máy bay Drone Tripod1 Tripod2 Travel Tripod Slider Ngàm hút1 + Ngàm hút2 Túi đựng máy ảnh Máy tính xách tay Đồng hồ đeo tay: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio BMW 3 Series Audi A4 Jaguar Infiniti Q50 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lexus IS Theo dõi tôi tại: @mwieruszewski #MarekDrives #AlfaRomeo #Giulia..

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30 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 2.2d (ENG) – Test Drive and Review – Thông tin về Xe oto Alfa Romeoo Alfa Romeo}

  1. Per-Håkan Svahn says:

    I totally agree with Joan. I’ve been driving my super 180 jtdm for three years with no issues at all. I’ve been driving the so called premium German brands (no Porsche though) and this machine is by far the best car along with my SAAB 9 3 s in the garage. ( one v6 aero convertible and an aero sedan. These are real quality cars.) The Germans are so overrated, posh interiors but underneath they are far from premium these days.

    best car I have owned along with my SAAB 9 3:s in the garage. Alfa and SAAB are

  2. Dluger123 says:

    This is the first negative review I have seen about their car, the guy seam like he wanted to be negative from the start, anything good was quickly glossed over. His negativity about the boot was a joke, who would put a case in like that, turn it 90 degrees and it comes out no bother. The egging noise was obviously turned up on the video when he drove off and he said very little about the interior design, high for me is a lot better than others in its class.

  3. Filip Gudek says:

    Im owning giulia. And a lot of stuff you said are bullshit. Only thing in which i can agree is trunk closing. Start stop is the same shit on bmw. Every time you start the car you have to turn it of. With seat going backwards is good solution because of b pilar. For 12v is the same like bmw is in arm rest and bla bla. Its a good cars and everybody is looking it on the road

  4. Alex NICOLLI says:

    E' dura ammettere che questa macchina è migliore delle tedesche ma è così… Parliamo un po' dell'equilibrio del telaio, del cambio in carbonio, della tenuta di strada perfetta, del sistema frenante molto migliore della concorrenza e dei risultati euro NCAP a livello altissimo e delle sospensioni sofisticatissime. Certo non mancano i piccoli difetti ma chi pensa che BMW, Audi e Mercedes attuali siano la perfezione dovrebbero farsi un giretto sulla Giulia e forse usare meno malafede nel fare le recensioni e i commenti dettati solo dalla gelosia.

  5. Captain Culpeper says:

    First of all …. you sir are an bias idiot!! this car is a diesel … Italian stallions is common sense…power not speed and it should sound like a truck. So the idiotic criticism should be dismissed. Review the gas version. In addition, The trunk closes first try every time….the hood release snaps back in place every time…. and try turning the luggage it will come out easier i promise. To charge the phone use your brain and buy a usb for the provided front outlet you didn't show… Also, if you want improvement…. which from your diet I believe it's lacking… start on a exercise program and brush up on your English because saying me and you don't cut it just like this review. But I shouldn't be surprised you put yourself first.

  6. Dino Pasic says:

    I have tested few giulia's and i must say im dissatisfied with manual gearbox, it makes some noise if you hold it in your hand, other thing from that diesel that has big turbo hole, it needs time to run, fine tuning is bad. Actually i think it could be better with good automatic gearbox because in that case is used torque and with low rpm you have enough power. VW made that with dsg, but they made also shit because sometimes you drive 60kmh in 6th gear, thats too much. Otherwise car looks very good, it drives good, steering is great. Maybe i can mention, german, france and italian cars are trying to produce space shuttle cars these days, they put so much electronics which is often useless or complicated to use, (maybe they want confuse dummy customers). Even in Mercedes S klasse, if you want to choose address in your navi system while you are driving you cant, too complicated. You need user manual if you want to operate with that stupid electronics. It is like computer which is offering so many options, but main function is bad or better to say forgotten. I can say that im surprised with Kia and Hyundai because i have seen that they dont want to confuse customers with useless buttons, touchscreen and and and, they make it simple as possible and it works good. You get a very good quality of engine, simple and precise gearbox and simple entertainment system, that should be the goal. Koreans and Japanese are showing to Europeans how should they work…

  7. Joan Pey says:

    While you are right about some glitches the car has, and I can tell you because I own this very car but with manual gearbox, some other things you say are not really true or overcooked. I don't get why people keep on doing this. As I don't get why some other's tell you that this is the definitive car and will beat each and every other car on the road on everything.

    8 litres x 100km is not what you get combined. Your guess is not right. Of course, what Alfa tells you is not true anyway, but I do 6.9 litres x 100km, wich is way lower and more realistic. No, I'm not a slow driver. I usually drive on N mode but I use the D from the DNA often. Yes, the A mode is useless unless you want a 100hp car but buy a 180hp one because it's cool.

    It doesnt really matter, put the car in automatic and enjoy it like that….. It says a lot on your personal driving tastes. To go from point A to point B nobody needs a Giulia, nor any other car that feels "sporty" for that matter.

    The engine is loud from the outside, no doubt, but inside it's ok and I can't feel those terrible vibrations you talk about. Even with the start/stop thing on.

    About the start and stop and parking sensors buttons: What's the point of your gesture?. You may like it or not, but they are different systems and work, well, different. For my taste I wish the start and stop thing would maintain the last choice as the parking thing does, but it makes some sense it doesnt, because using the parking sensors is a personal choice while poluting less should be a concern so it reactivates each time.

    The parking sensors are too sensitive….. Well, there's a way to adjust sensitivity from the setup menu. Try it.

    To charge the phone you have to run the cable…. Well, I have the smoker's package, and works. Also, there's a usb connection just under the screen.

    Remember that if you have to carry something delicate behind the driver's seat….. This is not a van for carrying egs to the marketplace, is it?

    If you want a German car, buy it. They are plenty of reasons to buy them (I had a 325tds long time ago and it was a great car).
    But if you are tired of the same over and over again, the Giulia is a good choice depending on your driving tastes.
    The car itself will probably be devaluated way faster than a German counterpart. It will probably wear out faster if we hear what almost every armchair expert says about Alfas (despite my previous car being an Alfa 156jtd and lasting longer and with fewer problems than the 325. In fact, my daughter still drives it and I bought it in the 20th century). The point is that it brings fresh air to the market, and it does not dissapoint if you know what you are buying.

  8. jspope2008 says:

    I have watched a number of reviews on this car. Everyone suggested that the suspension is comfortable. You suggested it’s a system where you feel everything. It sure doesn’t make life easy if you get my point!

  9. Takuan says:

    The car looks very nice indeed but as soon as the engine noise hits my ears the visual magic disappears, like a beautiful lady talks with a voice of a chainsaw in 'choke mode'.

  10. warburgaby says:

    Bravissimo, recensione molto onesta 🙂 Sono però molto ottimista per Alfa Romeo, considerando che Giulia è una nuova auto progettata dal foglio bianco… e che già nelle prossime versioni sarà perfetta oltre che nel piacere di guida anche nei "difetti minori" che hai citato. Buon lavoro Marek

  11. Richard Hughes says:

    Hi Marek, love your reviews. I just had the 2.2 diesel 210PS Veloce AWD as a holiday rental for 10 days in Italy. I would agree with pretty much most of the points in this review. Mine didn't have the reversing camera and the smaller screen sat nav which wasn't too bad and in Italy at least did have real time traffic info. The air con was fine in mine although it did take a while to cool the whole car, but overall driving long distances in 40 degree heat I didn't have any issues. The main complaints for me were the trunk – a little small and the weird logic on the parking sensor switch – when the light is on the sensors are off – and no indication on the console of the status.

    The steering is fantastic and the car is extremely stable at high speeds on the autostrada – I agree that you you need to keep an eye on your speed as the acceleration from 100 kph upwards was effortless. Overall I really enjoyed and was very disappointed to have to hand it back after 10 days of fun.

  12. fundiver198 says:

    I have seen maybe 20 other reviews of the Giulia, and not a single one has complained about the aircon. So maybe this was just an individual fault with the test car? All the other nickles are frankly nothing and certainly would not put me off from owning the most pretty and soul filled vehicle in the segment.

    The only criticism, I really agree with, is that of the diesel engine. FCA´s diesels are not among the most quiet in the business, and the 2,0 liter petrol is not that thirsty. If you can afford a car in this segment, surely you can also afford to put petrol in the tank. The European love affair with diesel has gone to far, and what better place to start the reversal than getting a petrol powered Alfa Romeo.

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