2020 Buick Encore GX – First Look – Thông tin về Xe oto Buick

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem Tin tức về mẫu xe Buick phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề xe buick encore đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về bài viết này tại đây nhé.

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2020 Buick Encore GX – First Look | Tổng hợp Kiến thức của xe ô tô Buick.



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 2020 Buick Encore GX  - First Look
2020 Buick Encore GX – First Look

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Dài hơn Buick Encore một chút nhưng Encore vẫn nhỏ hơn Envision. Các lát bánh SUV của Buick ngày càng nhỏ hơn bởi triển lãm xe hơi. Nhưng có rất nhiều điều bạn thích về chiếc crossover nhỏ gọn này và Micah Muzio sẽ chỉ ra chúng ngay bây giờ. ..

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37 thoughts on “2020 Buick Encore GX – First Look – Thông tin về Xe oto Buick

  1. Roberts TV says:

    GM = Made in Korea-Korea-China – Encore-Encore GX-Envision… Sad when Toyota is making most of their SUVs in the US. Monster Toyota/Mazda plant going up in Bama.

  2. indieLab says:

    I am a devout Buick Encore guy. I just love them and find them extremely comfortable, convenient, stable, smooth, beautiful, unique, sturdy-tight and just right! 2016 Encore Convenience with highest trim and options package is my favorite and the best model in my opinion. It has the best aesthetics, best storage and interior design and great trim and detailing. If you get it with the upgraded chrome rims it really accents the nice chrome trims and lines on the vehicle. The nice clear signals on the side mirrors also is a nice touch with the chrome finishes. The back end is the only thing im mixed about as I find them to look actually quite nice up close but from a distance it really does give the encore a smaller than it really is hatchback type appearance. But it also has a ton of personality as well so im mixed about it. Some days I love the rear and some days I don't so idk it's a weird love hate thing I guess for me personally. But the best part about the 2016 is the front end as it has such a sporty yet luxury style to it with the fog lights and small chrome details and the beautiful crystal clear headlights with the blue halogen rings. It has so much detail and personality especially from the front which is my favorite. I like the new GX version so that may be my next car although it looks like they took alot of storage put of the interior and simplified it quite a bit which is dissapointing. I love all the extra cubbies and storage in the 2016 and cant go back to just 1 cubbie on each door panel when I have 2 on eash and have 2 glove boxes!

  3. דניאל אלון says:

    Dear Friends!!!!! This is a very important message. Anyone who buys a
    new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the
    trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the
    company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a
    malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help
    will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep
    your money safe.!!!👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬👎👎

  4. JC6817 says:

    This looks like it was filmed at the LA Auto Show. I was there and sat in that very model, the blue GX. Since I’m not a professional reviewer, let me speak as a consumer. Unless the GX was given to me for free, I’d never pay good money for this. It’s not that the vehicle doesn’t look pretty good (and I stress pretty good, not amazing). The materials inside are just outright cheap. GM cost cutting is painfully obvious. The leather is low grade. There are hard, cheap, glossy plastics that look like they’ll scratch easily. The gauges and other controls look like they were pulled out of a Chevy. If I’m buying a Buick, I certainly don’t want it to look or feel like a a Chevy. I didn’t drive this, but a 3-cylinder engine is a total turn off. Why not just put in a hybrid? On that note, for virtually the same price and the same size, you can buy a Lexus UX hybrid which is much more elegant, looks nicer, uses top quality materials, and is engineered to higher standards. I truly don’t see anyone buying this. I used to love this brand, but every time I thought they were going to produce something cutting edge and of high quality, the real GM came shining through with their usual antics. Good luck to Buick with this. They’ll need it.

  5. Harold Beauchamp says:

    I am convinced the blue GX with beige interior doesn't exist. I've been to all 4 Buick dealers in a 100 mile radius and all have black interiors and are either white, silver, or black. When I asked the manager why there are no other colors he said "that's what they send us…" wtf Buick?

  6. lightningsmokerXx says:

    Some Buicks are now made in China or Korea & imported to USA. Made in China– the VIn# starts with an L . Made in Korea —will start with a K on the Vin #.
    (look on drivers side Windshield or Drivers side door-plate / sticker for the Vin# )
    USA Made cars start with 1 or 5 . Canada starts with a 2. Mexico usually 3 , Brazil usually 9. Japan starts with J . Germany W .
    More on VIn #'s >>>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_identification_number

  7. Lee G says:

    Beautiful color. If it falls between the Encore and Envision, it'll be upper 30's for msrp that's with AWD and leather. Sister has an Encore Essence which fully loaded was $34.5K msrp. No way the GX can be lower. Was going to get GX but likely it'll be a year before it's reasonably priced.

  8. AudiophileTubes says:

    Only 3 cylinders?! CVT transmission?! FORGET IT Buick! The base Encore should be a lot more reliable, and smoother to drive than the Encore GX! Everyone knows that CVT transmissions are a lot more problematic than geared automatics.

  9. LithiumVolt. com says:

    A 3 cylinders engine! Reallly! I had one in the past. Chevrolet Sprint 3 cylinders back then. Worst car I ever had. 3 cylinders engine vibrate. Vibrations could be felt on the gas pedal and into the cabin. Worst car I ever had. After a few month's, I traded it in. Worst engine I ever had.

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