2019 Mercedes A Class A250 Review – SO MUCH TECHNOLOGY – Kiến thức về xe mới nhất

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem bài viết về chủ đề 2019 Mercedes A Class A250 Review – SO MUCH TECHNOLOGY phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề a250 đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về chủ đề này tại đây nhé.

2019 Mercedes A Class A250 Review – SO MUCH TECHNOLOGY – Tin tức về xe ô tô cập nhật mới.



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2019 Mercedes A Class A250 Review - SO MUCH TECHNOLOGY
2019 Mercedes A Class A250 Review – SO MUCH TECHNOLOGY

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50 thoughts on “2019 Mercedes A Class A250 Review – SO MUCH TECHNOLOGY – Kiến thức về xe mới nhất

  1. Bush Master says:

    I have a GLA and it's great. I would just assume have the regular A Class hatchback though. In a base model with 17's and a 6-speed, it would sell like hotcakes in the US….except for the manual trans part, lol. Just strip it out and price it better than the SUV and we will buy it.

  2. AGZ Freddy 1983 says:

    If you guys are looking at the comments when will you be reviewing the 2019 bmw 1 series and m135i? The competitor to the Mercedes a klasse


    The engine of the new cla e250 is from renault dacia. the same as the hybrid system, and that is not a positive thing, etc., but quite the opposite, and also buy and pay a mercedes benz and get a renault, at a higher price, the cla 250 gasoline engine if it is authentic Mercedes benz and it works quite well just like a more balanced and cheaper 220 engine but hey, the other 163 hp and 134 hp are also renault dacia and that is again negative for a premium brand like mercedes benz, its alliance with generalist brands is just good to make more money but disappoint your customers who buy cheap inferior quality motors and sell them very poorly at premium prices for that reason i don't 'You don't like that stupid fashion to save cost and quality to suppress fog lights front by cheap fake plastic air intakes and holes that are absolutely useless, better a beautiful front fog lights and LED daytime running lights at the bottom of the front. ,, What huge mesh holes and ugly plastics etc. and the same is true of new audi models and other premium brands. Very expensive and not very standard equipment, and in addition they are almost all the same photocopies with designers without character or personality, they should learn from the style of the manufacturers of more than 20 years ago, with a very nice line and different from everything they do now, etc, … Mercedes benz must take care of those details and especially less parts made in China and more quality control, etc.

  4. GrrMeister says:

    4:35 This just shows how much out of touch this current breed of Millennium Idiots are they are totally unable to communicate with a simple voice control system, EG Hey Mercedes Navigate to my home etc. I don't believe it – I am now age 77 (Sunset Strip) and mastered it in Minutes – MB W247 B200CDi AMG with all the tricks including Virtual Reality Sat Nav, the best by far I have ever seen. The Youth is wasted on the Young comes to mind – what a load of Dummies, read the handbook (300 Pages+) and you still are DUMB as Box of Rocks.

  5. GrrMeister says:

    00:55 Big Mistake in (MY OPINION) US should have been offered the 'Hatchback' as far more Practical, but The 'B' Class even more so as can get two adult sized Mountain Bikes in with no problem, with back seats folded.- How do I know – well I have one in the UK (W247) 2019 CDi B200 AMG Line – 74 MPG+ and best car by far I ever owned,

  6. kemer1977 says:

    How many points can one guy hit from this video…
    Croatian born, living in North America (Las Vegas), wearing his GTI hat, owns an Audi and a BMW.

  7. Design Mind says:

    just bought mine, in part thanks to your review, But i mean come on, its the best hot hatch, ever. PERIOD. and I know your out there tech hating golf purists, I don't care, its just better.

  8. Rafi Syed says:

    I just bought this car (in blue/beige, with the night package), and a big thanks for your review. Love the visor test (it failed), hate "Hey Mercedes" (I turned that useless thing off). Trying to figure out where Cliche Corner is (Newmarket? Niagara-on-the-lake?) Gimme a hint!

  9. Jose George says:

    Hey Guys, I drove this car over this weekend and I absolutely loved it. Enough power, amazing handling and tons of luxury features. The seats were a lil firm for me. But those 10 inch screen and touch pad blew me away. Wish I had seen this video earlier, so that I could use “Hey Mercedes “ too.
    Now I wanna buy it! Do they have an AMG version of this too or only the appearance package?

  10. Robotic Venom says:

    The A250 SEDAN costs 33 grand new(We don't get the hatch in the US). The GTI can be had for 22k brand new all day, yeah that's an easy choice

  11. Martin T says:

    What s point to have a Mercedes badge and drive a car with offsite pedals to the right that for this reason you have to twist your leg which nightmare even with a short journey …

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