2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC – Review and Road Test – Thông tin về xe mới nhất

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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC – Review and Road Test – Tin tức về xe cập nhật hôm nay.



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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC - Review and Road Test
2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC – Review and Road Test

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Thay thế GLK, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class thách thức BMW X3, Lexus NX và các mẫu SUV hạng sang cỡ nhỏ khác bằng phong cách, tính năng, sự sang trọng và kiểu trải nghiệm lái mà ngôi sao 3 điểm khổng lồ trên mũi xe cho thấy. Để biết giá và thông tin mới nhất của Mercedes-Benz GLC: Kelley Blue Book là nguồn cung cấp các bài đánh giá xe mới, phạm vi triển lãm ô tô, tính năng và các bài kiểm tra so sánh. Đăng ký để xem tất cả các video mới nhất của Kelley Blue Book. Để theo dõi Zach Vlasuk trên Twitter, vui lòng truy cập:..

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38 thoughts on “2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC – Review and Road Test – Thông tin về xe mới nhất

  1. Macky Mode says:

    Is the four cylinder engine under-powered? I figured it would be good enough to replace my Mazda CX-5 which is under-powered but didn't realize that GLC 300 is 500 lbs heavier than CX-5.

  2. Shalin Shakya says:

    I noticed the careful avoidance on commenting about the very unmercedez like infotainment screen. I own GLC 300 2018, opted out to 57 k and I did not choose the upgrade to that touch pad-mouse thingy which gave me smaller screen with Garmin GPS and awesome Android Auto. the down side was the smaller screen….and man it is small….with 1 inch of black plastic boarders…..WTF Mercedes…this is a screen drivers watch all day…screens are cheap these day….why why why in 2018 when phone screens are almost 6 inches…l don't get it. I heard they can be upgraded with aftermarket parts but who wants to do that after u pay 60K after tax….????

    anyway back to my point. these boys really avoided the draw backs of this GLC and there are some worth mentioning…which makes me think they might have sold out to Mercedez. Sorry its my hunch and opinion.

    Lots of Pros for new GLC especially compared to competition but after driving this thing for 3 months here are the cons….which I am afraid is rarely mentioned in any reviews :

    cons :
    1. when u turn off car ignition, it goes to Neutral by default and u should never take ur foot off the breaks. so boys never hand keys to ur females for this car, especially if they will be parking downhill….cause she will not know why the car suddenly started to roll down the hill once she switchs the engine off !!! remind her to open the car door if car rolls down the hill, that will make it go to "Park" automatically…..cause she won't remember which small button to push among the 4 windshield-wiper-looking sticks at either sides of steering wheels….Seriously Mercedes WTF ?
    2. this vehicle is unnecessarily tall. whose gonna take this for a mud bath ? anyone ? if anyone lives in snowy part of the country be prepared for the white road salts to be rubbed on ur pants every time u get in and out of this vehicle. Mercedes please learn how to prevent this from Volvo…. there is no shame in learning.
    3. Automatic parking assist is a piece of…..I will stop at that. I was trying to get 360 degree birds eye view but had to pay almost 3 grand coz it only came with this shitty function. Reminded me of Time-warner selling me 100 channels that i do not watch , just to get HBO, back in the days.
    4. When u push rare hatch button, the hatch does not go all the way down….u have to keep pushing till the end. Why why ?
    5. This car feels wobbly in the turns….unless u go to sport + mode, wasting fuel…..again Mercedes plz lower this glorified hatchback. there is no point in making it so tall. u can individualize ur car setting true….then again it does not memorize the setting after u turn the car off.
    6. and finally to the most obvious flaw as soon as u enter the car…..The tiny 8 inch (or is it 6 inch), barely high resolution, screen…..they should have made it edgless 12 inch screen for which I would have paid extra 500$ may be or they should have an option to turn any tablet into car screen via USB port or something…..That little screen is the one biggest thing in otherwise almost perfect cabin that reminds u that u r driving a C class… I am sure Mercedes wants u to crave for E or S class every time u drive. May be its a cast or shall I say class thing….the screen screams "you don't deserve it coz u only paid for C class"

  3. Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! says:

    Lexus design is always jarring. Lexus may be top in reliability but then it's still a fucking Toyota. It's trash. it's engine sucks. Lexus cars are not that exciting to drive.

  4. Ben Fei says:

    Can anyone tell me who will do the upgrade for the 360' camera (when sunshine on one side, then another side in shadow will be dark black) & the door opener is very weak, I have to buy a portable one to open the garage door. I am disappointed to my 2017 GLC 300.

  5. Angus McMichael says:

    Hi, Thanks for this presentation. I've got the GLC diesel 220 2016. Can I expect to bring this up to 200,000 km?
    I want this for the long run.

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