2014 Vauxhall Insignia car review – Kiến thức của xe ô tô Opel

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2014 Vauxhall Insignia car review – Kiến thức của Xe oto Opel mới cập nhật.



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 2014 Vauxhall Insignia car review
2014 Vauxhall Insignia car review

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34 thoughts on “2014 Vauxhall Insignia car review – Kiến thức của xe ô tô Opel

  1. Denby Spinks - Mallorca says:

    A bit late to this obviously, but nevertheless, it's absolutely cretinous. I've been in the motor trade for decades, and I've run a few of these, (and the 'opposition'). Opinions are fine, but this, for some reason, (Clarkson's arse?) is regularly factually wrong. This guy doesn't know how to judge a car, (check out this "test" with the silly write-up on the Auto Trader site), which is a bit of an issue. Never mind.

  2. Chris Eseigbe says:

    Very interesting video. However, unfortunately not all Insignias come with alloy wheels. My Insignia is a standard petrol 1.8 model with plastic hub caps/wheel covers and manual back widows (not electric)!!!! 😞😞😞. Why modern cars no matter how basic, are still produced with hub caps beats me!!!! Constant worry about about loosing a cap!!

  3. dougie miller says:

    I have to disagree with this reviewer & agree with so many other commenters. He said the dash is 'bland & uninspiring'! I personally think the dash looks pretty good. I am about to buy a used insignia elite estate. I've chosen this model above the Passat / Octavia / Superb etc as it definitely looks much nicer. I am test driving the Insignia this week after only sitting in it. However, the materials used and the specification are as equally every bit as good as a VW & Skoda. Maybe not BMW or Audi though but it knocks the socks off a Ford. I guess you pays your money……

  4. Edwin Romilly says:

    Think This guy has his head in the stars..or disappearing up his a@@@I think its a cracking looking car..Passat are quite nice but pricey and on repairs plus the mondeo isn’t as nice inside..Bmw nice inside but lots of gremlins,expansion tanks,plastic water pump impellers,vanos,coil packs,viscous fan probs,oil leaks..lot more to maintain..But you take your chances with older cars..I tend to buy 10-year-old cars at least and run them into the ground and they always serve me well..
    Bmw e46 older version
    toyot yaris
    saab 95.cheap but few niggles but amazingly comfy
    ford focus.reliable but bit dull but it was a older one at £500 lol
    volvo s60.toptasti car and just kept going,so comfy and v responsive.
    passat older one £800
    never let me down lively engine and roomy etc

  5. Kevin Rayner says:

    The worse review I have ever heard from a Vauxhall Insignia. However, I just bought a 2017 Insignia SRi VX Line BlueInjection Sport Tourer with 19 Atomic wheels on Falken Azenis FK510 Run flat tyres. The handling and driving experience is absolutely amazing to drive and the interior is beautiful, comfortable and roomy and as well as being very economical. I love them cars.. What he is talking about in the video.. he’s talking bollocks.

  6. Robert Brynin says:

    A strange review, that contradicts almost all others about this car. I used to have a Vauxhall Omega, and I will be buying an Insignia next. The design is a joy to behold.

  7. alex alexandru says:

    Whaaat? My insignia is very comfy on long rides and the suspension is good. Thus guy should learn something about insignia….so rubbish review to undermine the car.

  8. J B says:

    His description bears no resemblance to the 2 Insignias I've owned. Fast, economic, comfortable and untra-reliable. He was right about the looks though, and the estate version is better still

  9. Ian Disney says:

    Based on the many favourable reviews I test drove this exact model today. It's a beautiful car to drive packed full of features. However, unbelievably it really fell at the first hurdle. I'm a golfer and currently drive a 1.9 Passat 2003. I can easily pop my golf cart in the boot then put the clubs in horizontally at the front (nearest to me) of the boot, no problem, room to spare. Can't do that in the Insignia, the bag (it's just an ordinary sized bag) will not go in. It squeezes in if the driver and fairway woods are first removed but then they struggle to get in. The only difference I can see is that VW mould the inside trim very close to the outer skin whereas Vauxhall don't losing several inches (about 9) either side that could be used. Real pity loved the car.

  10. Colin Albright says:

    Very odd that just about every review on Youtube seems to say the opposite of what we are seeing here… Dissapointed that Auto Trader have put thier name to this review..

  11. William Egler says:

    In the United States we get this car as a Buick Regal.
    It is better reviewed than the Passat and it is leagues ahead in reliability.. .

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