2013 Acura ZDX – WR TV Walkaround – Kiến thức về Xe oto Acura

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem Kiến thức về Xe oto Acura đúng không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề mua xe acura zdx phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về nội dung này tại đây nhé.

2013 Acura ZDX – WR TV Walkaround | Tổng hợp Tin tức về xe ô tô Acura.



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 2013 Acura ZDX - WR TV Walkaround
2013 Acura ZDX – WR TV Walkaround

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Xem video Lái thử POV Phần 2 trên Acura ZDX 2013 tại đây: Để có trải nghiệm video tốt nhất, chúng tôi khuyên bạn nên đeo ….

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41 thoughts on “2013 Acura ZDX – WR TV Walkaround – Kiến thức về Xe oto Acura

  1. D B says:

    I saw one these for the first time the other day. I was like damn I want one. I can’t believe this model came out 10 years ago. Looks better than a lot of new cars lol

  2. rainlion0 says:

    just traded my zdx in…miss its great handling and cornering feel …hope acura can make more fun suv to drive..rdx is not a rdx anymore with shawd. and mdx is just too van-ish and too big..

  3. weirdshibainu says:

    Very nice, but acura blew it. There target market, were young, married, childless couples that wanted a sporty suv. That's a thin market, especially when they offer the MDX….

  4. Jordy says:

    If they'll give just two more feet to the length of the car, that will just be perfect. Cause it needs that one more feet of space for the back passengers

  5. Hogan says:

    …My 2013 black zdx was recovered in a shipping container at the pier in Staten Island by the border agents…I was hijacked for it in Jersery 30 days before it was gonna be shipped to West Africa…the pirates like acuras…be advised…I just heard that it is now a federal crime in New Jersey to carjack…it will never stop, as long as there are pirates in the gulf of aden…get antihijaking alarms only…

  6. Matthew Boisvert says:

    Not sure why so many full-grown people are "offended" by this ZDX's design. We should all be grateful that an automaker like Acura would take a risk to make such a unique car. You can't say it's not unique. Not for everyone, for sure, but quit whining and JUST DON'T BUY ONE THEN! Holy crap!

  7. splewy says:

    See that's where I disagree. The German cars are nice, but they fit a particular demographic. Not everyone wants a German style luxury car, so I think it's unrealistic to expect every luxury car to fit the German mold.

    It's the same as saying every midsize sedan should be a Toyota Camry clone or that every pickup truck should be a Ford F-150 clone.

  8. Dillon C says:

    But it's actually better.

    Better handling.
    Higher quality interior.
    More standard Tech.

    It's juts lacking a more powerful engine.

    Styling for both is a bit unusual, but at least the ZDX decided to go all out and catch your eye, regardless if it's nice or ugly. From a glance at a distance, the X6 can be mistaken for a regular old X5 to the non-car enthusiast's eye.

    The ZDX, is remarkably something special, and look like no other.

  9. Impreza5drTurbo says:

    I love Honda products for various reasons. Always have. It's been getting harder and harder over the years to put up with the looks, forced configurations, lack of a "frugally optioned drivers car", whine, whine, whine. Honda needs to fire the exterior design team and remember how to go racing on the weekends again.

  10. Frost Bite says:

    I should have made things more clear, since Acura is is Honda's luxury brand, and German cars are the epitome of luxury (mass produced)… but I guess you're right, Acura isn't competing with the Germans. They can't.

  11. splewy says:

    Who said Acura is trying to compete with the Germans?

    Also, when did German cars become the standard by which other cars are judged? Not everyone wants a BMW, Merc or Audi, so expecting every car to fit the German mold is a bid ridiculous.

  12. Robert Bruin says:

    I actually really like the look of this SUV, has a sleek, efficient style. And the “beak” is not as prominent as other Acura, kind of reminds me of a metal shield, don’t mind it one bit.

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