2000 Kawasaki W650 [visit 16 of 31] – Thông tin về xe mới cập nhật

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2000 Kawasaki W650 [visit 16 of 31] – Tin tức về xe mới cập nhật.



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2000 Kawasaki W650 [visit 16 of 31]
2000 Kawasaki W650 [visit 16 of 31]

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July 10, 2020: 2000 Kawasaki W650

Many thanks to Pam for dropping by today on her lovely motorcycle. Pam is also the first woman rider in the the cul-de-sac and here’s hoping to see more of our female riders!

Pam is the third owner, purchasing the bike in 2003. At the time it had 8,500 miles. Today, it has approximately 35,000 miles on the clock.

This is a year 2000 model. It was only imported for 2 years and then discontinued when Triumph reentered the market with the new Bonneville series.

It pays homage to the earlier Kawasaki 650 motorcycles that were produced in the 1960s & 70s, which themselves were initially based upon the BSA A7 500cc and A10 650cc motorcycle of that era.

The engine is a vertical twin, 650cc with approximately 47 horsepower, 8 valves with overhead cams and driven by a bevel gear, similar to the old Ducati’s. It is air cooled with a five speed transmission. It has a single front disc brake and rear drum brake.

The gas tank capacity is 4 gallons and the bike weighs in at approximately 425lbs

As you will see, it has both an electric start and kickstart and the kickstarter works just fine!

The original paintwork was silver with factory blue decals, but Pam had the tank repainted to reflect a more traditional British paint scheme of dark green and white. The seat was rebuilt by Don Weber ( Mr. Ed’s Moto) in Albany, Oregon. The original ‘cow horn’ handlebars were replaced by euro-style parts purchased from England. It also has the Napoleon bar and mirrors, indicators / turn signals and heated handlebar grips.

It’s a thoroughly reliable and user-friendly motorcycle with classic styling and pleasant ergonomics.

In 2009 the Motorcyclist magazine named it one of “America’s 50 best used bikes”

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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kawasaki w650.

2000 Kawasaki W650 [visit 16 of 31].

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48 thoughts on “2000 Kawasaki W650 [visit 16 of 31] – Thông tin về xe mới cập nhật

  1. Tony Richengod says:

    I just test drove one of these today and let me tell you, they are deceptively quick! 56 nm of torque paired with a light weight launches this bike forward with V-twin-like aggressiveness. Loved it!

  2. Rene Lagunas says:

    Lovely Lady & an awesome motorcycle! You should've ridden with her, right then & there. I would not have passed on that opportunity… : )

  3. Gingivitis Murphy says:

    I bought mine in 1999. It was such a great bike even if the front fork needed thicker oil to avoid shimmy over 70mph and the seat was literally a pain in the arse. The mufflers did not sound at all, so aftermarket ones are needed if you go for the real thing. Sold it 7 years after for the same price I paid for it and now I regret. I guess I was too young to realise how good it was to have a bike that worked every day and had no oil leaks. I bought a Norton Commando with the money I got from selling her and love it, but would love to have the smoothness and reliability of the W650.

  4. Christopher McNulty says:

    Bought a 1970 Thunderbolt because I couldn't find a W650. None to be had. Love the BSA, but would have preferred the modern bike.

  5. william jonas says:


  6. Wolf Freebird says:

    Yes, indeed, it is a beauteful Bike with a beauteful Woman. Congratulation Pam. 1972 ,my first Bike was a Kawasaki, 750 cc, 3 Cylinder, two stroke. I survived it.
    After that, i drove many different Brands, and since 3 Years a MOTO GUZZI CALIFORNIA III. A beuteful and reliable Bike, no oil drippings, Brembo Brakes, and other good things. But now i have a Problem with my Back and my Lady , i call her “linda negra“, what means, “black beauty“ ! But now she is a bit to heavy and i looking for a smaller bike. W 650 i think is the best for me.
    Good japones Quality and she looks like a “Ducati“ or an english bike.
    Perfect. Good choice.

  7. Dragsterkazan says:

    Очень красивый мотоцикл. Душевное видео. Планирую вскоре такой же купить. У нас в России такой можно купить в районе 3500-4000$

  8. Mike Duckworth says:

    I rode as a passenger on an early '70's DOHC 650 Yamaha and the vibration was insane. I couldn't tolerate keeping my feet on the foot pegs!

  9. Graeme Hay says:

    I so enjoyed that video. I have a 2014 W800 and I really do enjoy owning, riding and caring for it. Pam just said it all so much better than I can. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

  10. Matt Rayner says:

    Would love to be your neighbour mate. It must be like IOM's Douglas waterfront with all the visits you get!
    That's a very beautiful bike. Congratulations Pam
    Another great video. Thanks

    Edit: And miked her up. You silver-tongued devil, you.. Classic!

  11. Simon Bertioli says:

    Despite being Japanese Kawasaki…a copy of the triumph 650..but in a way better…it has a classic look with all the modern today bits.. Such a good looking machine and a style that l relate to..So thank you for sharing this marvellous video..and the owner too very well presented..👍👍👍👏👏

  12. BIKE COMMAND says:

    I have owned dozens of bikes and started riding in 1973. Amongst my bikes is a 1999 W650 that I have owned from new. Apart from one front brake micro switch and battery and tyres, the bike has had nothing replaced. The build quality is by far the best I have come across…simply superb.

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